Bundled Multi-Method Hygiene and Verification

Webbula provides bundled hygiene (for active threats) and verification (for bounces) services 100% in-house. This is rare as it is commonplace for providers to outsource Hygiene or Verification to another vendor essentially reselling a service. Once you submit your email list via Webbula’s Portal, FTP, or API our bundled services will handle all of your email intelligence needs from Traps and Moles to Bots and Bounces. This bundled offering allows you to consolidate your volume for cost savings and eliminate the need for a multi-vender process saving you time and resources.

World’s Largest Honeypot Purveyor

Largest Disposable Domain Name Repository

Customizable B2C, B2C, and International Capabilities

Bundled Multi-Method Hygiene and Verification

Webbula cloudHygiene Stats

Comprehensive, multi-method email hygiene and verification for your email list

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