SendGrid/QwkBuy’s partnership turns email from a marketing expense to a new sale

What happens when an email is read and a consumer wants to buy? Typically the consumer goes to a web site, looks for the product, sometimes amid other promotions, surveys requests, etc. Then they decide again the color, size, etc. Select the item. Then head to the checkout which can require 6 to 25 additional steps. How many consumers abandon the sales process? Average abandonment rate is 68%. You lose on average 68% of the potential sales that your email marketing program generates. What a waste of good email marketing. QwkBuy captures the sale at the first step when the consumer is reading the email and has the desire and impulse to buy.

Simply tap to Buy

QwkBuy is Simple to Integrate

Either use the QwkBuy Merchant Portal or QwkBuy’s API

QwkBuy is Not Limited to Email

QwkBuy is a platform where products can be bought directly from emails, newspapers, television, billboards, direct mail, etc. with a single step. 

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