Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Contacts directly from Salesforce CRM

By teaming up with SendGrid, MassMailer has helped 100s of companies around the world to get more value from their Salesforce CRM by improving mass email and transactional email capabilities via pre-built SendGrid and Salesforce integration

Salesforce is an excellent CRM, but Salesforce mass emailing has limitations that can make it difficult to run large email campaigns, which can be overcome with MassMailer.

With MassMailer and Salesforce Process Builder, you can create email drip campaigns in Salesforce with ease and send pre-written sequences of emails to potential leads over a period of time.

Do you need to trigger emails based on activities such as opened, unsubscribe, or blocked as spam? MassMailer through the Salesforce Process Builder, can trigger email alerts and track them.

Creating successful email campaigns require monitoring and curating your email lists. MassMailer lets you reduce email bounce rate by verifying emails before sending email campaigns in Salesforce.

With MassMailer, you can send mass emails to Opportunity Contact Roles and Team Members in Salesforce, and once emails have been sent, you can track emails and statistics

Email deliverability depends on how well you understand and implement the different types of authentication process and email security protocols such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC.

About MassMailer

MassMailer is a native Salesforce CRM app that lets you send unlimited emails to leads, contacts, campaign members, opportunity contacts, and more

MassMailer Resources

MassMailer Email Marketing Resources for Salesforce and SendGrid Integration

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