We understand this is an inconvenience, and want to offer you a timely solution

You can easily integrate your new account via SMTP Relay or Email API to start sending email in minutes.

Your existing account will not be charged for the month of October

To help make this process easier, you will not receive a bill from IBM for your existing account for the month of October. You will need to have a new account set up directly with SendGrid by November 1st.

Use your existing SendGrid username and password to log into SendGrid.com

You will need to log into SendGrid via your IBM Cloud portal to retrieve your existing username, password, and API key (if applicable). Use this information to continue sending email via API or SMTP.

Once you set up your new account, you will receive access to additional product features

Experience new products such as dynamic content for transactional templates, improved real-time customer data with Email Activity, available Expert Services, and product updates as soon as they are released.

Additionally, you will have access to extensive learning resources

Improve your email program by utilizing our extensive coding libraries, to-the-point email expertise, and our resources library.

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