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Most email marketing platforms are quite complicated and offer tool sets that require a lot of time to understand. You spend more time understanding the platform than you actually spend on customer engagement. Emailicious was developped by 4 digital marketing experts that share a specific passion for email marketing. For the past 10 years, our team has helped its customers grow their business with marketing campaigns driven by a simple and efficient email marketing platform.

Import data from your CRM or favorite spreadsheet software. Once your list is ready, Emailicious will make it easy for you to target the right audience with content they actually want and appreciate.

Display certain content to certain customers based on their profiles or duplicate an email in another language.

Choose from one of our easy-to-use mobile friendly template or import your own. With Emailicious, you get a fast, flexible, reliable and easy-to-use email building tool.

Emailicious allows you to measure the results of your email campaigns and link them back to your favorite business tools.

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Thanks to our partnership with SendGrid, Emailicious keeps emails away from spam and delivers them quickly to the right inbox.

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