Agency Partners

SendGrid's Agency Partner Program is ideal for marketing agencies that need a robust email solution for their clients’ web and mobile applications.


Agency Partners

Our Agency Partners are creative shops and thought leaders in branding and communications. While their primary drive is creating innovative and high quality work, their clients also trust them with partner recommendations and technology solutions that directly impact business growth. We know that for them, it’s about implementing the solution that is in the best interest of their clients. SendGrid eliminates the need to build complex email infrastructure and helps thousands of companies deliver transactional and marketing messages to the inbox every day.

When you find that SendGrid is the right fit (and we hope this is often), we have a few partner options to help you provide even more cost-effective, scalable, and consistent value to your clients and their customers.

Get discounts for your clients. We’ll provide you with a unique discount code to pass along to your clients when they sign up for SendGrid.

Receive referral revenue. We’ll provide you with a unique referral URL to share with your clients as they sign up for SendGrid. To show you our appreciation, we’ll share 15% of each new client’s first year of payments with you.

Control your client accounts within a sub-user panel. We’ll set you up on our Subuser API under a master parent account. You’ll receive the lowest cost-per-email based on combined total sending volume across all subaccounts, will have access to analytics and insights to track your clients’ deliverability, and can even private-label the e-mail.

Become a Partner

Contact us to inquire about becoming a SendGrid Agency Partner.

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