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Check out this amazing series where we look into people who love what they do. The Catalyst is career tips for the modern marketer. This is a short description - what people see at the top!

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We’re exploring the stories of ambitious young professionals engaging in digital marketing across the globe. From mountains they’ve conquered to challenges they’re facing, to work strategies they’re using and more, we’ll discuss today’s workplace in the marketing space and the people that are moving it forward.


Danny Randa

Sr. Director of Marketing

Danny’s career story is a scavenger hunt of sorts. Early in his career, he strategically decided on skills he needed to attain to become a world-class marketer and intentionally sought them ...

Emma Thyer

Marketing Manager

Emma found her way to marketing by following a less traditional path. After graduating with a degree in Illustration, she spent some time traveling and working as a white water rafting ...

Jordan Halbleib

Entrepreneur Success Coordinator

Though many of our guests work for startups, there are benefits to working for a more established business. With bigger companies comes a greater opportunity to find a niche ...

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