Icon - Personalized support @2x
Icon - Personalized support @2x
  • Get support 24/7
  • Work with a designated Technical Account Manager

Cost: Starts at $5,000/month—contact sales for a quote

Available for:  Any paid plan

Personalized Support


Get the highest level of support

Personalized Support is the highest level of support plan you can get with Twilio SendGrid. It gives you direct access to a single point of contact, a Technical Account Manager. This person learns the ins and outs of your email program so they can proactively anticipate your needs, and be there to troubleshoot and resolve any problems as they come up.  

Personalized Support gives you a direct line of contact to Twilio SendGrid to keep your critical email streams running.

Guaranteed response times

Jump to the head of the line with guaranteed response times. Personalized Support plans come with SLAs to guarantee your requests are prioritized and handled quickly: 

  • 1 hour for P1 inquiries
  • 2 business hours for P2 inquiries
  • 3 business hours for P3 inquiries

With a Personalized Support plan, you can rest assured that your most critical issues will move right to the top of the list.

Designated Technical Account Manager

Work with a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who knows your email program and architecture, use cases, and account history. You’ll have a true partner at your side, every step of the way. Get the best experience with Twilio SendGrid services, from spotting weakness and resolving them proactively, to enhancing your account setup, or advocating for your feature requests.

24/7 Support

Keep your critical email programs up and running with round-the-clock support. 

Reach your Technical Account Manager by phone, Slack, or email anytime you need assistance. You’ll receive 24/7 email and phone support through our on-call team and have access to the Twilio support escalation line.

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