Add SMS to Your Communication Channels

Now that Twilio and SendGrid have combined to create a more complete customer communication platform, you can enhance your existing email program with SMS.

Email sms

The Power of SMS and Email

SMS Email Pair

An Unbeatable Pair

Just like email, SMS is extremely useful for the operation of your business. When combined, your ability to communicate with customers gets even more powerful.

SMS Open Rate

94% Open Rate for SMS

When it comes to business communications, consumers want to have conversations in real-time on their mobile devices. Currently, the global avg. open rate of SMS is 94%.

SMS Customers Both

Customers Expect Both

The most effective SMS programs are used to enhance emails, not replace them. While they are different types of communication, ultimately, your customers want both.

How to Leverage SMS

SMS Customers

Using SMS and Email to Engage Your Customers

Learn the basics of SMS and why you should add it as a communication channel.

SMS Notifications

Build SMS Account Notifications with Twilio

Send customers SMS alerts from your existing CRM when security-related actions are taken on their account.

Customer Success

Yelp  Office

See why Yelp chose to use SMS as the medium for restaurants to confirm reservations with their customers.

Instacart Office

Learn how Instacart uses Twilio’s SMS notifications to manage order confirmations, delivery ETA's, customer satisfaction surveys and employee shift alerts.

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