2017 Global Email Benchmark Report


We collected and analyzed email data from nearly 50 billion messages from over 100,000 different senders to nearly 2 billion different recipient addresses to create our new version of the 2017 Global Email Benchmark Report. See how engagement and email consumption has changed over the last year in the top 25 industries that send email through SendGrid.

Learn takeaways like:

  • The Technology industry saw one of the largest increases in open rate and unique open rate, which could be a result of lowering the number of messages they send each month.
  • 8 industries were desktop dominant in 2016 vs. only 2 in 2017 (Insurance and Government). Only insurance went in the opposite direction of the trend, with a decrease of mobile usage from 50% to 48%.
  • Gmail has gained even more market share across the countries our senders are sending email to. Even in countries like Germany, where GMX was most popular last year, Gmail is now the most common inbox provider

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