Data driven marketing automation for SendGrid

Websand adds data management, customer segmentation, and marketing automation to your email marketing. Connect via API to get all the tools you need, boost engagement and get closer to your audience.

  • Customer value driven dashboards

  • Manage data with dynamic segmentation

  • Marketing automation that’s easy to use

  • = Marketing ROI improvement

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Take control of your data and give your email marketing superpowers

Take the frustration out of contact management and bring your data to life through data-driven marketing automation. Send less email. Increase Engagement. Make more sales.

Connect Websand

Connect your data collection through our integrations or build your own through our open API. If you need to import no problem, upload your subscribers or transactional data.

Review your business performance based on the spend and lifetime value of your customers.

Customer Focused
Dynamic Segmentation

Marketing is about people not lists, so manage your audience based on how they are or what they’ve done, using our dynamic segmentation tool

Design amazing emails that will look fantastic across the wide world of devices using our drag and drop editor.

Email Designer
Send Automation

Schedule your email campaigns in the traditional way, or create your own marketing automation process. All driven by your data and sent through SendGrid.

Understand the impact of your email marketing and marketing automation on your customers, and drive even better results.

Improved Marketing ROI

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Connect your SendGrid account

Connecting your existing SendGrid account to Websand is managed through your API key. Once in place, Websand can send via and collect marketing event

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