Dynamic Creative Retargeting on Notifications

Drive 8-12% conversion contribution via the new free channel for user engagement - Browser Notifications/Web push.

  • Product feed based Dynamic Messaging

  • Real time triggers based on behaviors

  • Support for all major browsers

  • API based custom triggers also supported

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Boost your eCommerce sales and traffic with new marketing channel

Web Push Notifications are highly customized to address specific E-Commerce use cases helping you reach, engage and convert your website users into customers.

Cart abondenment

Users who've added products to Cart and dropped off will need a timely reminder to complete the transaction.

Notify users when the price of the products visited or carted by the user drops

Price drop alert
Grow Conversions

Deep-linking the user to product or cart page reduces the number of clicks required to complete the purchase. With event-based alerts, connect with your users at the right time.

Don’t have a mobile app? No problem. Vizury’s Browser Push works across all devices and for all major browsers. So you can build your mobile website audience while you’re still working on your mobile app

Go mobile without an app