Create Videos for Campaigns Instantly

Make eye-catching videos in a minute, and get ready-to-edit templates through the SendGrid integration. Multiply CTR and campaign engagement with video content. Perpetual license, no subscription

  • 1000's of Templates, licensed music

  • Live layout, add text, logo, photos

  • Video hosting & landing page included

  • Animated GIFs, thumbnails, HD downloads

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Escalate campaign ROI and market engagement with short videos & animated GIFs.

Vid.One gives you the tools to create campaign-specific videos in under a minute - no video snippets or footage required. Choose from thousands of templates, with licensed music. Layout copy, logo and photos for each segment, then preview and adjust your video in seconds. Our integration with SendGrid delivers 2 templates (GIF and still) instantly, pre-linked to video landing page. Video hosting (included) ensures that the video will play on any device or connection.

Vid.One Template Sets

Browse and preview thousands of video templates, from 10-30 seconds, average 15. Each professionally-designed template has a licensed music soundtrack.

Search templates in 22 languages, including Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish & others.

 Vid.One Video Template Search in 22 Languages
Vid One Layout Closeup

Complete layout control; hundreds of fonts, color, shadow, rotation and more. Add, size and place photos and logos. Previews generated in seconds.

SendGrid integration just requires API Key. Editable templates - one with animated GIF teaser, one with still thumbnail - added instantly.

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Vid One SendGrid Marketing Campaign

Edit templates with SendGrid designer, or copy merge tags for use in marketing or transactional templates.

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Video Email Template in 1-2-3

Vid.One SendGrid integration takes the HTML tag-futzing out of email video.

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