Clean, Enhance and Personalize

Get the data you need to increase engagement and conversions

  • Clean emails and improve deliverability

  • Get valuable data on your customers

  • Connect your customers across channels

  • Boost open rates and engagement

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Helping marketers engage the person behind the email

TowerData is a data technology company that powers People-Based Marketing with real-time, comprehensive and accurate email data. Our services include Email Validation, Identity Matching, Email Intelligence, and Email Activity.


Avoid the costs that come with sending to bad email accounts. Email Validation helps you better connect with your customers by catching and correcting invalid email data.

Learn who your customers are and what they’re interested in with Email Intelligence. Get higher response rates by engaging your customers with better targeted, relevant content.


TowerData’s Identity Matching technology includes over 1.2 billion customer records, 150 million cookies, and 200 million email opens to help you build a complete picture of your customers across channels.

Discover how your customers are behaving in the inbox with TowerData’s suite of Email Activity and opener data. Re-engage customers and mitigate risk based on key activity.