Integrated WiFi Marketing turns Guest WiFi into a powerful marketing acquisition channel delivering a brand-conscious experience that bridges foot-traffic with digital campaigns.

  • Grow email lists from foot-traffic

  • Bridge Guest WiFi to campaigns

  • Branded, dynamic experience to visitors

  • Avoid worthless data with our network

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Turn Guest WiFi into a powerful Marketing Channel

Seamlessly bridge foot-traffic with SendGrid Campaigns

Guest WiFi is the #1 requested amenity at venues, hotels and stores. Tapping into to this as a marketing channel requires no changes to consumer behavior and affords a 1-on-1 personalized experience.

Build first-party opt-in data from customers in return for guest WiFi access. The information collected creates a richer customer profile that can be leveraged for future campaigns.

Our technology creates a dynamic network of data, ensuring users are signing on with authentic information. Data validation reduces worthless data in your campaigns creating more effective marketing.

Provide relevant, real-time, digital experiences to shoppers and visitors. delivers seamless one-to-one connection to enrich the customer experience and drive purchases

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