Advanced front-end to manage your email operations

Ongage is a powerful front-end campaign management tool for all SendGrid users, from small ones to enterprises. Provides a full solution and help users set their email and SMS operation up for success

  • Manage all SendGrid IP's in 1 dashboard

  • Base decisions on advanced analytics

  • Track user behavior for personalization

  • Get best support & professional services

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Sophisticated platform that's designed to cover all your email and SMS needs

Optimize, deliver, engage, and inspire your subscribers


Create advanced segments based on your data and raise response rates by using behavioral segmentation based on: geolocation, user activity, purchase history, and more

Customize email content using dynamic fields or feeds, such as HTML, RSS and XML, for populating emails with dynamic content.


A robust multi-View In-depth analytics engine that provides high-resolution performance and delivery analysis. Get analytic views by campaign, member activity, recipient ISP domain, and more!

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The Next Generation SMTP Front

Get SendGrid's best email deliverability and the sophistication of Ongage's ROI-boosting dashboard