All-in-one dashboards, marketing reports and data

Business performance metrics and analytics from your favorite cloud applications – Digital Marketing, Sales, Finance, Online Engagement, SEO and Email marketing.

  • Focus your teams on company goals

  • Make smarter decisions – use your data

  • Delight customers - show your progress

  • Share insights, spot trends, collaborate

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Combine Sales, Marketing, Finance and Billing with SendGrid data

Octoboard seamlessly integrates with over 40 services that your business use and displays performance metrics combined with SendGrid data.


Data from 40+ services combined with SendGrid on one screen

No need to go through hundreds of KPIs and metrics. Octoboard data scientists analyzed over 5.000 data points, selected key metrics and insights and grouped them in dashboard and report templates


Select any metrics for display and change presentation details – select user defined graphs, maps, charts, goals, funnels and more. Over 1200 visualizations available

Show results of your work with your teams and externally. Create private and public links to send real-time data views to your customer, clients and team members


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Octoboard Product News

Latest product news and data insights from Octoboard

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SendGrid metrics in a business

Collection of email marketing metrics from SendGrid for use in a business dashboard.