Email marketing tools for online retailers

Successful strategic planning and great team meetings start with MailCharts. Create email briefs, plan campaigns—and never again dig through that Gmail account for competitor emails

  • Monitor your email program

  • Ace weekly and monthly meetings

  • Plan upcoming campaigns and promotions

  • Never log into that extra Gmail account

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MailCharts is built for online retailers to keep track of and improve email

Whether you’re planning for next quarter, next week or tomorrow — we’re your best friend, helping generate your action plan. Keep track of how many emails you sent to key customers last week and last month. Access reports and export data for presentations in a fraction of the time it takes using that “extra email” account the team set up for competitive intel. We’ll show you when to start ramping up messaging for upcoming holidays, like Mother’s Day or Cyber Monday.


Monitor your email program. Keep track of how often you’re mailing key cohorts and ensure you’re tackling the lowest-hanging opportunities to keep your campaigns delivering as expected.

Ace team meetings. Gathering competitive data will never be easier. For example, instantly export images of any email for your presentations.


Plan campaigns with expert insights. Whether you’re planning for next quarter, next week or tomorrow — we’ll help you quickly generate an action plan.

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