Build Your List + Convert Traffic w/ One Platform

Convert daily website traffic into new email subscribers and sales using pop ups, promotions, banners, website messaging, and more! Seamlessly integrate with your SendGrid account.

  • Conversion Marketing Platform w/ 20 Apps

  • Complete Drag-and-Drop Design Canvas

  • Unrivaled Targeting and Segmentation

  • Free Plan with Every Feature

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SendGrid Email List Growth Made Easy

Justuno is used by over 50,000 businesses around the world to build email lists and convert traffic. The platform is trusted by startups, industry experts, enterprise businesses, agencies, professional designers, and marketers for all conversion marketing needs. Rapidly build your SendGrid email lists with enticing pop ups and add incentives like gated content, contests, and coupons to provide value to your visitors. Connect with SendGrid email lists and forms for seamless campaign integration.


Bring your pop up and promotion designs to life with the most customizable design canvas in the marketplace. Start with a theme and make it your own or design from scratch.

Tons of conversion focused themes - Full screen, countdown timer, spin-to-win, age verification, holiday specific, mobile, social media, cart abandonment and more!


Target visitors based on exit, page views, referral site, time on site, visit frequency, geo-location, device type, scroll, cart value, order history, local date & time, previous activity, and more!

Seamlessly integrate your lists with Justuno and add a SendGrid form to any pop up or banner. Reinforce email marketing campaigns with on-site messaging, promotions, and email auto-responders.


Engage and convert mobile traffic with mobile-specific pop ups and banners. Choose from a library of mobile-optimized templates in compliance with Google’s recent mobile SEO policies.

Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns, identify optimization opportunities and launch campaigns backed by data. Test designs, offers, and marketing copy to optimize your conversion funnel.


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Grow your SendGrid Email List

Boost your email list growth rate with Justuno and seamlessly integrate with SendGrid lists and forms.

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Additional Resources

Learn more about conversion marketing, list building, and the Justuno platform with the resources below.