Provide Sendgrid Integration Inside Your SaaS App

Manage all of your SaaS integration inside your own embedded integration platform with Cyclr

  • Directly serve integration requirements

  • Fast setup

  • Code-free integration workflow builder

  • Flexible deployment methods available

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Provide Native Sendgrid Integration in your App

Cyclr gives you a full embedded platform to create, manage and publish integrations directly into your SaaS application. Enhance your platform by letting your users automate marketing tasks with Sendgrid’s powerful API. Create workflows that use multiple applications, or combine them with our logic tools, to create powerful automation workflows that are easy for your users to activate and manage.

Connectivity as a Service

Cyclr gives you a full integration platform to create, manage and publish integrations into your application

Use our drag and drop workflow builder to create integrations without any code.

Sendgrid workflow
Create Connectors

Use our tools to create your own connectors that can integrate with SendGrid. Or...

...use our pre-made connectors from our library.

Connector library

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Integrate anything. No code

Cyclr gives you a suite of tools to create & publish integrations to your app, without code.

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