Design beautiful, responsive emails

BEE Pro is a complete email design suite. Start with 100+ professionally-designed responsive templates. Drag-n-drop editor, message review & approval, user roles & permissions, quick push to SendGrid.

  • Flexible, fast drag-n-drop editor

  • Review, comment & approve new emails

  • Restrict editing with roles/permissions

  • Save as transactional & marketing emails

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The perfect email design companion to your SendGrid account

• Save hours on email production • Design emails quickly and flexibly • Collaborate, review and approve • Forget rendering issues: we're on it • Push to your SendGrid account with one click • Save as Transactional templates or Marketing campaigns

Beepro sendgrid benefit1
Beepro sendgrid benefit1

Create email messages that look great and meet your branding needs! With BEE things like adding background images to a row, resizing a logo, or changing the look of a button are quick and easy.

Start with professionally designed templates or design your own. Create, tag & search your emails by project. Keep assets together and stay organized. Assign Projects to Brands to control user access.

Beepro sendgrid benefit2
Beepro sendgrid benefit2
Beepro sendgrid benefit3
Beepro sendgrid benefit3

BEE provides fantastic email design flexibility. Add structures with a different number of columns. Copy & rearrange content quickly. Leverage granular control on padding, spacing, & borders.

Connect BEE Pro to your SendGrid account with just a couple of clicks. When you're done designing a new email, push it to SendGrid as either a Marketing campaign or Transactional template.

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Connect instantly

Connecting BEE Pro to your SendGrid account only takes a couple of clicks. See below for all the information you need to get started.