Become a Partner

Sendgrid marketplace partners
Sendgrid marketplace partners

Become a Marketplace Partner

I would like my solution to be listed on the SendGrid Marketplace.

Be featured in our "Find a Partner" marketplace section.

Ideal for SendGrid customers looking for a solution to improve their email program or business.

Benefit from our customers having access to your offering.

Rest assured that you're in good company. We interview and evaluate each application before approving a partner.

Become a Reseller Partner

I want to resell SendGrid or refer my customers to SendGrid.

Perfect for cloud, ecommerce, and CMS platform companies who want to provide more value to your customers.

Benefit from our proven scalability and the documentation and resources to help when you need it.

Easily resell SendGrid from your marketplace or platform and quickly see results.

Sendgrid reseller partners
Sendgrid reseller partners
Sendgrid oem partners
Sendgrid oem partners

Become an OEM Partner

I want my product to offer users the ability to send email, invisibly powered by SendGrid.

Using our whitelabeled domains, "via" is removed from your message, so you can make your brand as visible or discreet as you need.

Achieve the scalability your customers need with our proven infrastructure and throughput

Create subusers for each of your clients, allowing them unique access for sending, analytics, and whitelabeling.