How to Use Email Throughout the Customer Journey

How to Use Email Throughout the Customer Journey

Every email marketer’s goal is to deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer  — but while that may sound easy, it can be quite the challenge. To help, mapping out your various customer journeys can help your business understand how your audiences’ needs and wants change over time, so you can determine which emails to send them and when. 

In this new guide, we take a closer look at what the customer journey is, why it’s important, and how your business can use it to create a more holistic email marketing strategy. You’ll learn how leveraging email at key points throughout the customer journey can help you send timely, personalized messages that drive engagement and conversions for your business. 


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What’s inside the guide?

  • A closer look at the customer journey and why it matters

  • Email examples from top brands

  • Best practices for creating engaging messages

  • And more!