15 Ways to Use Data to Engage Your Customers

A guide by Segment, SendGrid, and Twilio

15 Ways to Use Data to Engage Your Customers

We all want more data, but data is only as good as your strategy to apply it. Use it to improve your customers’ experience with your brand, and data becomes a powerful asset.

We partnered with our teammates at Segment (the leading customer data platform) to lay out 15 ways you can use data to engage your customers across every step of their journey. Learn how to leverage data to optimize your messaging and create personalized experiences across channels.


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What's inside the guide?

  • Best practices to help determine what data you should be tracking

  • Tips on how to use data to create distinct customer experiences

  • Strategies to help you engage customers throughout their journey

  • Examples of personalized customer messaging

  • Tools that help you collect, organize, and put data to action