The Future of Digital Communication Study


In this July 2017, SendGrid-commissioned study, Egg Strategy evaluates generational trends in digital communications, including habits, preferences, use cases, and adoption of email across Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

After reading the report, digital marketers and developers everywhere will know more confidently how get in touch with their customers, and leverage email and other key digital channels.


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What's inside the guide?

  • Email is a staple form of communication today, regardless of age or stage in life - 85% of Generation Z respondents use email at least monthly, this number grows with age as 89% of millennial respondents and 92% of Generation X respondents use email at least monthly.

  • When it comes to business to consumer (B2C) interactions, there is an overwhelming preference for email over all other communication forms - 74% of people chose email as their preferred communication method for companies or brands to interact with them.

  • Email is so essential, important and entrenched in the lives of people today that it is nearly impossible to imagine life without it - Email isn’t going away, 83% of Generation Z respondents believe their email usage will stay the same or increase in the next 5 years.