104 Email Marketing Myths, Experiments, and Inspiration


This email marketing guide was developed with our friends at HubSpot to provide senders with more than 100 ideas for making changes and improvements to their email programs.

The guide covers myths, or false assumptions, that many marketers fall victim to, experiments and tests you can implement, and inspirational ideas you may not be using yet.


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What's inside the guide?

  • Myth #15 - Preheader text doesn’t matter - The preheader is the text that appears after the subject line in an inbox. Many senders ignore this content preview, but more savvy senders use it to their advantage by incorporating it.

  • Experiment #48 - Test types of images - Not all images resonate with all contacts. Test GIFs, infographics, or images of videos to see what drives the most engagement.

  • Inspiration #81 - Make it personal - By using advanced segmentation strategies and dynamic content, like name tags or other substitutions, you could be making your campaigns more personable than ever before.