Welcome Newsletter Email Template

When a customer signs up for a program, service, or email subscription, send them a welcome newsletter. The newsletter should thank the recipient for signing up, reiterate what the program offers, and provide next steps.

It’s also important to include an option to unsubscribe in case the recipient was added in error. Having an unsubscribe button is a necessity—it helps you maintain a clean contact list with engaged subscribers and keeps your spam complaint rate low.

This responsive template for a hotel welcome newsletter meets the welcome email criteria, providing plenty of space for information, helpful images, and resources. You can link your unsubscribe information at the bottom along with additional company information and your social media accounts. 

The welcome email is completely customizable, so dress it up with your own images, brand colors, and logo. Once you add in your information, test your email across devices to ensure it’s rendering correctly on mobile and desktop.

Welcome Newsletter Template Tips & Tricks 

Tip #1: Start your welcome newsletter off on the right foot by thanking your customers for joining. 

Tip #2: Make it easy to find your unsubscribe button and simple to submit the request. If recipients can’t find the button, they will likely send your email to spam.

Welcome email examples


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