Nonprofit Volunteer Newsletter Template

Volunteers need news and up-to-date resources to better commit their time. This nonprofit volunteer newsletter email template strikes the right balance between being informative and user-friendly.

Rotate out the hero image with your latest blog post, beneficiary story, or upcoming volunteer opportunity. This is a great spot to place your top-priority content, as it’s the first thing your recipients will see above the fold. Below, you can swap out the stacked images with links to your other initiatives, such as training, donations, and referrals. 

Depending on the size and activity of your nonprofit, you might want to move the bottom “Upcoming Events” higher up the page. Thanks to this responsive template, that’s as easy as dragging and dropping it where you’d like.

Nonprofit Volunteer Newsletter Template Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: Want to drive higher click-through rates? Experiment with changing the size and color of your buttons to help them stand out to your readers. Make sure you do an A/B test to learn if it helped.

Tip #2: Reorganize the content to prioritize your top initiatives. If training is your focus for the next few months, move that header and CTA to the top of your email. 

Start A/B testing like a pro

Email Template Preview

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