Travel Promotion Email Template

This colorful template keeps recipients interested while cutting straight to the point of the message. The responsive template relies on a single call-to-action (CTA) matching a strong graphic to entice recipients to click through. With a bold red CTA button and space for recipients to catch up with your brand on social media, this template is travel promotion gold.

Because the travel template encourages senders to keep it brief, one box is provided for your copy to explain the promotion before linking out to a landing page. Our templates are fully customizable and can be tweaked to meet your unique email needs, so add modules for additional copy if you need the space.

Use this template to pack a powerful punch in your travel promotion strategy.

Travel Promotion Email Template Tips

Tip #1:  Keep it short and sweet. Your promotional emails don’t have to be long! Communicate the most important information in the body of your email, and then link to additional information if necessary.

Tip #2: Play with writing more creative copy! Travel promotions can be fun and lighthearted, encouraging people to relax and visit new places. Don’t be afraid to test new copy in your campaigns.

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