Travel Newsletter Email Template

In this travel newsletter email, the photos have just as much weight (perhaps more!) as the copy. The white space and black text make the colorful images pop, and the image placement helps guide your eyes down the email. 

The email template doesn’t waste any time with two columns at the top of the template, one that highlights the company’s logo and an image with a beautiful ocean view that hints at your future New Year’s vacations. This is an excellent method of providing content above the fold and hooking recipients before they need to scroll.

Draw in recipients with photos of their next dream vacation, providing calls-to-action for readers to learn more about each location. This template is responsive on mobile, tablet, and desktop and easily customizable. Swap out the images, text, and logo for your company’s information, and start sharing those dream getaways!

Travel Newsletter Template Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: Provide alt text with each image. This makes your email accessible to a larger population and is helpful if your images do not load.

Tip #2: Use high contrast colors for text to make it easier to read. Place images on a high-contrast background to help them pop! 

More email accessibility tips

Email Template Preview

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