Patient Appointment Reminder Template

Improve the patient-doctor experience with this patient appointment reminder template. This template helps patients remember their specific appointment date and time while also helping the clinic or doctor’s office to prevent last-minute cancellations and no-shows. 

Keep appointment reminder emails simple with this responsive template, as there’s no need for unnecessary information, like promotional material. The appointment reminder email does all the work for you, reminding the patient of the appointment date and time and what necessary materials to bring with them. 

Customize the doctor appointment reminder template by adding in your logo and matching the colors to your brand. You could even switch out the number of days before the appointment and send the patient appointment reminder email a week before, 2 days before, or the day of the appointment.

Patient Appointment Reminder Template Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: Write a clear subject line. This isn’t the time to get fancy with the copy. Keep your subject line simple and get straight to the point.

Tip #2: Include your contact information or a link within the email to make it easy for the patient to reschedule or cancel their appointment. 

Write the best appointment confirmation email

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