Monthly Newsletter Email Template

This monthly newsletter template plays with borders as well as high contrast colors to create a dynamic design. Each image is paired with a block of text and a call-to-action so you can quickly describe the item you’re promoting and link out to it. 

The monthly newsletter template can also be used to showcase articles, upcoming events, or a roundup of your brand’s most popular products. Place your most valuable content at the top of the article to ensure it gets the most above-the-fold engagement. 

This template is easily customizable—just adjust the colors, fonts, or layout to suit your needs. Include links to your social media platforms at the bottom of the email for recipients to follow you beyond the inbox. 

Monthly Newsletter Email Template Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Stick to a color scheme. Notice how the images in the template all share similar colors. This helps create a cohesive, well-designed look.

Tip 2: Prioritize your content and place the most important information at the top of the email. 

How to Design Above-the-Fold Content

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