Healthcare Seasonal Email Template

Promote seasonal healthcare—like booking an appointment to get a flu shot, finding a remedy to seasonal allergies, or promoting a healthy start to the new year—with this healthcare seasonal email template. 

The first section of the template offers different sizes of copy to help you prioritize your content. Place your main message in the bold title copy, provide a description to the right of the copy, and include a link to book the appointment with the large call-to-action button.

Use the second section to provide related information, such as contact information, support, or additional resources. 

The healthcare seasonal template is customizable, so if you want to include an additional section, change the colors or font size, all of those adjustments are available to you. The email template is also responsive across mobile, tablets, and desktop so that you can reach your patients when they’re at home or on the go.

Healthcare Seasonal Email Template Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: Stay true to your brand by keeping your communications consistent with your brand’s tone and style. 

Tip #2: Consider pairing your email communications with SMS. For example, when a patient books an appointment to get a flu shot, send an SMS reminder the day before the appointment. 

Email and SMS are better together

Email Template Preview

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