Ecommerce Newsletter Email Template

Looking for clean lines with a splash of color? Look no further! This responsive ecommerce newsletter template provides ample space for both copy and product photos to highlight your business.

An ecommerce newsletter should balance its copy with visual elements. This template provides the opportunity to link out to additional product pages, resources/articles, and landing pages to help keep your newsletter organized and highlight those awesome product photos.

Customize this template to fit your brand’s colors and style and reuse it as many times as you want. The sky’s the limit! 

Ecommerce Newsletter Template Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: Test different versions of your copy. As your contact list grows, your audience (and their preferences) will change. However, make sure you only test one element at a time! This will help you determine which changes recipients like or don’t like.

Tip #2: Try using different types of visual elements. We all love a good product photo, but it can be good to mix it up with the occasional gif or two!

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