Tutorial: How to Create a SendGrid Subuser

Tutorial: How to Create a SendGrid Subuser

Our VidGrid Tutorial we have for you today is all about creating subusers within your SendGrid account. Subusers are child accounts that share the same overall credit pool as the parent account, but have their own unique SMTP credentials, settings, statistics, and site login. The video below takes you through the process of creating subusers from start to finish.

Video Transcription

SendGrid support here, bringing you a video about subusers without sender authentication. Subusers are child accounts available for all silver level and higher customers. Subusers share the same overall credit pool but have their own unique SMTP credentials, settings, stats, and site login.

Things to Remember When Creating a Subuser

Here are some important notes before you move forward with the subuser creation:

  • The subuser creation process must be completed in one single go. If you happen to exit out of the subuser creation or log out of your account, you will need to start over before the subuser account is completed.
  • Creating a subuser that uses the parent account IP and sender authentication results via or on the behalf of message displaying in some of the email plans if you use a firm domain that does not match the authenticated domain. It is important to change the DKIM app settings for the subuser accounts to match the parent account’s authenticated domains.

Create a Subuser on Your Account

Now that we have gone over all the important notes, let’s move forward and create a subuser. On your account overview page you will notice on the right of the screen that you will see an account overview, below will be the Subuser Management. Once clicked, you will land on this page- Subuser Management. From here you can manage new and old subusers. In this case we are going to create a new subuser. On the top of the page you will notice that you’ll see a little man with a new subuser line next to it. Let’s go ahead and click on that link. Now you’ll land on a user management page, which is step one of six other steps that you must complete before having the subuser created.

Step 1:

On the account information page, like your parent account you will need to fill it out with the most accurate information as possible when creating the subuser. In this case my user name is Anthony. There may be other users on the SendGrid system with a similar user name, so let’s create something very unique. Once all the other information is completed you will want to scroll down to the very bottom of the page. To the left, you will see “I agree to the terms of service,” and you will want to click that to move forward. Once clicked and all the other information has been filled out, you will want to move forward and proceed to Step 2- IP Selection.

Step 2:

Let’s click on the button. Step 2- IP selection lets you choose the IP you would like to send from. In this case we’re going to choose the IP of our parent account. Once checked, you will want to move forward and click Step 3- Quick Setup.

Step 3:

The Quick setup page will allow you to choose any previous or new authenticated domains that you want to create. In this case, we’re going to be using the parent authenticated domains. Let’s go ahead and select the one that I’ve used in the past. Once selected, you’re going to move to Step 4- Domain Information.

Step 4:

Domain information pretty much confirms settings of all the information that you went through on the other steps. Once all the information looks accurate you’re going to want to scroll down and click the finish button. After you click the finish button you’ll now notice that it brings you back to the subuser management page and you’ll see the new subuser. From here, you have the ability to either edit or delete the subuser.

You have now completed all the necessary steps to creating a new SendGrid subuser!

Subusers are available to all Silver accounts and above. To learn more about our Silver plan please click here.

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