The Benefits of Email Marketing in 2016

The Benefits of Email Marketing in 2016

Email CampaignAt this point, email is a form of communication that's largely taken for granted. With more communication channels and social media sites than ever before, it seems easy to discount email as an outdated method of reaching users and customers. The fact is, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

Despite the popularity of other types of communication, email marketing is still a cornerstone of any successful business, whether the organization is a mom and pop shop or a multi-million dollar corporation.

But why is email so important? Why is it a marketing strategy that you need to take advantage of? Below, I’ve compiled some of the biggest reasons email marketing is crucial to the success of your business in 2016, and why it’s not going anywhere soon:

Email Marketing is Measurable

In a way that direct, mail, or other forms of marketing can never hope to be, email marketing allows you to determine a tangible return on investment for all of your efforts. Through email marketing, you can track who has opened your message, what mail client they use, when they engaged with your message, and what link they’ve clicked on.

Email Marketing is Customizable

Rather than just guessing at what message is going to resonate with the most people, you can segment your recipients and use substitution tags to communicate directly with your readers. This allows you to connect with them in a more personal way and drive higher engagement. To learn more about how to segment your email list, you can download our Email Segmentation Guide.

Email is What Your Recipients are Expecting

According to Adobe’s August 2015 email marketing study, 63% of customers still prefer to receive marketing promotions and offers through email. This means that customers are not only expecting your messages, they want them! Make sure you’re providing visitors to your site with an option to subscribe to your messages, and then provide an email preference center so you know exactly which emails they’re going to open.

Email is Mobile

Our friends at HubSpot estimate that about 53% of all people check their email on their phone, which means customers are checking email and shopping online anytime it’s convenient. As a marketer, you have the opportunity to create messages for the mobile experience and target people whenever they check their inbox.

Marketing email is no longer considered “junk,” and it’s definitely not “spam,” it’s simply promotional material your recipients are expecting in their inbox. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get started creating a modern, impactful email marketing program.

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SendGrid can help you send your marketing email with Marketing Campaigns, our new email marketing feature set that you can leverage to create and send the promotional messages that will drive engagement and revenue.

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