111+ Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines (Copy/Paste Templates)

September 26, 2023
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Jesse Sumrak
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111+ Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines (Copy/Paste Templates)

Thanksgiving. It's a time of gratitude, family gatherings, and feasts. For email marketers, it's also an occasion to tap into the warmth and generosity of the season and create campaigns that resonate with subscribers. You need top-notch Thanksgiving email subject lines to stand a chance of getting your audience’s attention on this busy holiday.

After all, you're competing against friends, family, football, naps, and turkey. That's hardly an even match. 

While Black Friday often overshadows this holiday in promotional frenzy, the heartfelt ethos of Thanksgiving can pave the way for meaningful connections and successful conversions. 

Yes, you're still trying to make sales. However, the way you go about it for Thanksgiving (and leading up to Thanksgiving) is a tad different.

Whether promoting a special offer, sharing heartwarming content, or expressing gratitude, these copy/paste examples can inspire and be a perfect starting point for your campaigns.

Below, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to craft compelling Thanksgiving email subject lines that rise above the noise and get opens, clicks, and conversions.

Thanksgiving email subject line best practices

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind as you write your email subject lines:
  • Focus on gratitude: Thanksgiving centers on appreciation and gratitude. So avoid appearing overly promotional. This is a time to foster connections, so aim for authenticity and sincerity in your messaging.
  • Keep it short and sweet: Ideally, you should aim for 50 characters or less to make sure your message is concise yet compelling.
  • Use the right emojis: A festive emoji can boost the mood of your subject line. Whether it's a turkey, a pumpkin, or a leaf, select one that complements your message. This also helps subscribers distinguish between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving emails. 
  • Personalize: Personalization can significantly boost your open rates. Using the recipient's name or referencing their past interactions can make your email stand out in a crowded inbox.
  • Add a sense of urgency: Phrases like "Limited Time" and "Don't Miss Out" add a level of fear of missing out to your Thanksgiving email campaigns.
  • Skip the sales: Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and share joy. Instead of hard selling, consider taking a more relationship-building approach. Share stories, express gratitude, and connect personally with your audience.

111+ Thanksgiving email subject lines

We've divided our favorite Thanksgiving email subject line examples into a few categories:
  • Sales
  • Thank you
  • Last chance
  • Witty
  • Real-life examples
Feel free to copy/paste these subject lines for your campaigns or use them for inspiration.

Sales subject line examples

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday might get the most retail and shopping attention, some shoppers might want to skip the madness and score a Thanksgiving deal instead. 

Most families will likely be on their screens less during the holiday, so consider launching your campaign in advance. Here are some email subject lines to consider:
  1. "Gobble Up These Deals 🦃"
  2. "Feast on Our Thanksgiving Discounts"
  3. "Turkey's Not the Only Thing on Sale 🥧"
  4. "Harvest Savings: Up to 50% Off"
  5. "Thankful for Deals? We Got Them"
  6. "No Leftovers Here—Just Fresh Discounts 🍁"
  7. "Stuff Your Cart, Not Just the Turkey"
  8. "Pie, Turkey, and 40% Off? Yes, Please"
  9. "No Black Friday Wait: Thanksgiving Sales NOW"
  10. "From Our Table to Yours: Exclusive Savings"
  11. "Pumpkin Spice + Everything Nice (at 50% Off)"
  12. "🍗 Feast Mode: Unbelievable Discounts"
  13. "This Thanksgiving, We're Serving Deals"
  14. "Ready, Set, Save: Thanksgiving Edition 🍁"
  15. "Count Your Blessings and Your Savings"
  16. "A Cornucopia of Savings Awaits"
  17. "Thanksgiving Treat: Extra 20% Off Your Purchase"
  18. "Feeling Thankful? Celebrate With 30% Off"
  19. "Black Friday Warm-Up: Early Thanksgiving Deals 🍁"
  20. "Early Bird Gets the Deal: Pre-Thanksgiving Sale"
  21. "Deal Alert: Your Thanksgiving Savings Have Arrived"
  22. "Grab 50% Off: Thanksgiving Special 🦃"
  23. "Feast on Deals: Up to 70% Off Storewide"
  24. "Thanksgiving Flash Sale: 40% Off Next 2 Hours"
  25. "Exclusive 40% Discount: Thanksgiving Only 🍂"

Thank you subject line examples

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest revenue-generating times of the year. If you plan to go heavy on Cyber Week campaigning, consider using Thanksgiving as a time to thank your customers rather than pushing deals.
  1. "30% Off Everything—Our Thanks to You"
  2. "A Special Thanksgiving Thanks for You 🍂"
  3. "Thankful for Our Loyal Customers 🦃"
  4. "You're the Pie to Our Pumpkin: Thank You 🥧"
  5. "Our Biggest Thanks + a Little Gift for You"
  6. "Special Thanksgiving Token for Our Favorite Customer"
  7. "This Thanksgiving, We're Celebrating YOU"
  8. "Gratitude and Gifts: A Special Offer Inside"
  9. "Here's to You: Our Special Thanksgiving Thank You"
  10. "You've Made Our Year—Thanks a Bunch 🍁"
  11. "Giving Thanks for Amazing Customers Like You"
  12. "You're at the Heart of Our Thanksgiving"
  13. "Counting Our Blessings, and You're Top of the List"
  14. "You're Our Silver Lining: Thankful for You 🍁"
  15. "You're the Special Ingredient: Thank You 🥧"
  16. "The Warmest Thanksgiving Wishes and Thanks"
  17. "A Season of Gratitude: You're Our Highlight"
  18. "Overflowing With Thanks: Special Offer Inside"
  19. "Our Thanksgiving Recipe: A Pinch of Deals, A Dash of Thanks"
  20. "For the Moments You Chose Us: Thank You"
  21. "Thankful Thoughts and Special Savings, All in One"
  22. "From Our Basket to Yours: A Token of Thanks"
  23. "Counting Our Blessings: You're #1 🌟"
  24. "Heart Full, Cart Full: A Gift for You 🛍️"
  25. "Because of You: Our Gratitude Sale—20% Off"

Last-chance email subject line examples

Sometimes, your customers need a little nudge to cross the checkout finish line. Use these last-chance email subject lines to close the deal and help your customers score a Thanksgiving touchdown.
  1. "Final Call: Thanksgiving Specials 🕰️"
  2. "Last Slice of the Pie: Deals End Tonight 🥧"
  3. "Hurry, the Thanksgiving Feast of Deals Is Almost Over"
  4. "Last Chance to Gobble Up Savings 🦃"
  5. "Cranberry Crunch Time: Final Hours ⏳"
  6. "Don't Miss Out: Thanksgiving Deals Ending"
  7. "Last Toast to Thanksgiving Specials 🥂"
  8. "Don't Let These Deals Be the One That Got Away"
  9. "Thanksgiving's Clock Is Ticking: Last-Minute Deals ⏰"
  10. "Before the Clock Strikes Midnight: Grab Your Deal"
  11. "Don't Be Late to the Feast: Ending Soon"
  12. "Golden Hour: Last Chance for Golden Deals"
  13. "The Turkey's Almost Gone, and So Are These Deals"
  14. "Last Call to Harvest Savings"
  15. "Thanksgiving's Encore: Final Curtain Call on Deals"
  16. "Almost Over: Our Thanksgiving Gratitude Sale 🍂"
  17. "Final Harvest: Catch These Deals"
  18. "Ending Soon: Get Yours Before the Pie's All Gone"
  19. "Seconds Left: Seconds, Anyone?"
  20. "Farewell, Thanksgiving Steals and Deals"
  21. "Clearing the Table: Final Deals Going Fast"
  22. "Candle's Burning Low: Last Light for Deals 🕯️"
  23. "Final Helping: Get Yours 🍽️"
  24. "Don't Fumble: Last Chance for Turkey Day Deals 🏈"
  25. "Gravy Train's Leaving: Last Call 🚂"

Witty email subject line examples

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday surrounded by family, food, football, and good times. So don't take yourself too seriously. Show your brand's fun side with some witty email subject lines.
  1. "Gobble Till You Wobble: Deals Inside 🦃"
  2. "Pardon Our Prices, They're Plumm … eting 🍂"
  3. "We're Stuffed … With Savings"
  4. "Pies and Discounts: Both Freshly Baked 🥧"
  5. "No Leftovers Here: Fresh Deals Daily"
  6. "Cran-You Believe These Deals?"
  7. "More Sides Than Grandma's Dinner"
  8. "Thankful for Savings? You Bet Your Gravy"
  9. "Gravy Boats and Discount Floats"
  10. "Pie's the Limit: Sky-High Discounts"
  11. "Pie or Buy? Both"
  12. "Stuffing the Savings—Just for You"
  13. "Talk Turkey to Me: Thanksgiving Savings Await"
  14. "Roasting Prices: Get Them While They're Hot"
  15. "Save Now, Nap Later"
  16. "Lettuce Save You Some Green 🥗"
  17. "Plateful of Deals—No Waiting in Line"
  18. "Rolling in Deals 🍞"
  19. "Plateful of Price Cuts"
  20. "Dinner Done, Discounts On"
  21. "No Fowl Play: Just Real Deals 🦃"
  22. "Crispy Crunchy Discounts"
  23. "Gobble, Shop, Repeat"
  24. "Pie? How About Buy"
  25. "Bread Rolls and Price Falls: Dive In"

Real-life email subject line examples

Want to see what other brands have used for Thanksgiving email subject lines? Let's look at a few real-life examples.
  1. "Your Thanksgiving Toast Is Ready 🥂 - 8AM Creative
  2. "Recipe of the Week: Easy Pumpkin Risotto | Whole for the Holidays" - Vitamix
  3. "Make Thanksgiving More Than a Meal 🦃" - Meetup
  4. "Day 2, We're Grateful for Our ... 🐶" - Fracture
  5. "Fixing Up a Feast? Here's Your Final Checklist" - Land O'Lakes
  6. "Sending Grateful Vibez Your Way" - Aftershokz
  7. "Thankful for You" - Sonder
  8. "A Thanksgiving Treat for 2" - Leesa
  9. "Celebrate Thanksgiving With Postmates" - Postmates
  10. "Let's Give Them Something to Gobble About" - Ibotta
  11. "Happy Thanksgiving from Casper" - Casper

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