SendGrid Announces New Template Engine

SendGrid Announces New Template Engine

Template Engine LogoToday, we are excited to announce the release of a new feature, SendGrid’s Template Engine. The email Template Engine allows marketers, developers, and designers to collaborate within SendGrid’s UI to seamlessly edit and create transactional email templateseasing the burden on both developers, who frequently receive requests from marketers to make changes to transactional emails, and on marketers who feel the pain of needing to ask for changes to be implemented to their campaigns.

Now, marketers are empowered to make these changes themselves—in real-time, and with no additional cost. With marketers having the flexibility to control their content, developers are enabled to focus their efforts on their technical application.

Feature Benefits

For marketers/designers:

  • Easily modify email template code using a WYSIWYG editor or an HTML editor
  • Modify, change, and create template versions without developer involvement
  • Preview both mobile and desktop layouts

For developers:

  • Empower design/marketing teams to manage transactional email content
  • Create and manage multiple templates with a RESTful API
  • Integrate easily with your applications

Template Grid View

Template Engine_Template Grid View

WYSIWG Editor Example

Template Engline_WYSIWYG

Code Editor Example

Template Engine_Code Editor

Mobile vs. Desktop Preview

Template engine_desktop layout


Template engine_desktop layout


Implementing the transactional email Template Engine is easy. For existing customers, the option now appears right in your dashboard. For a closer look at how to start using the application, please view our step-by-step video tutorial, courtesy of our support team.

For a more technical overview of SendGrid’s Template Engine, check out our technical documentation found here.


Creating the Template Engine was a collaborative process. In aiming to ease obstacles for both developers and marketers, we enlisted help from a large selection of our customers. With their invaluable feedback, we refined the feature to be as effective as possible. Here’s what a couple of them had to say:

“These templates enable me to easily customize and modify the content in our transactional emails and make them more relevant and engaging for our customers. We’re excited to make full use of all the new functionality and streamline our process for creating and successfully delivering emails using SendGrid.”–Rob Acker, Senior Project Manager at CiviCore

"We recently tested SendGrid’s new Template Engine and immediately recognized the value for our team. Using this engine has allowed us to easily create and edit our email templates which has ultimately translated into time savings for both our marketing and development teams." –Drew Frey, Marketing Manager at PivotDesk

We’re excited to partner our new transactional email Template Engine with the SendGrid email deliverability service. As a leader in email delivery, we’re looking forward to continuing to help our customers most efficiently, reliably, and affordably send their transactional email.

To get started, simply log into your dashboard and click on “Template Engine,” or if you’d like to set up an account, visit our Pricing Page for more information.

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