Secure Account Sharing: Introducing Our New Teammates Feature

Secure Account Sharing: Introducing Our New Teammates Feature

We’re happy to introduce Teammates, a new account management and security feature that allows you to define clear-cut access levels for each of your colleagues within your SendGrid account. The feature empowers your team and safeguards your account with specific permission settings.

We recognize that you need to collaborate with your team in order to get the most from your email platform. But how do you manage the needs of your associates? Do you give full access to anyone who needs an API key or needs to update your billing information? Or perhaps you take on all of the requests of your team, in order to ensure no accidental changes are made to your account? We’ve solved this conundrum for you by allowing you to invite and specify permission levels for each of your colleagues with Teammates.

Teammates replaces our Multiple Credentials feature—adding precise access settings to protect your account.
  • Make collaboration easier by sending your colleagues a quick email invitation—automatically applying the access you’ve set for each of them.
  • Customize your Teammates’ levels of access for each feature. Select areas of your account you don’t want them to see, read-only views, and give them access to secure areas to manage specific features.
  • Apply our preset access standards to invite a developer, marketer, or accountant to your account in just a few clicks.

Using Credentials to Authenticate?

If you were using credentials to authenticate via SMTP or our Web API, we recommend you use API keys to integrate SendGrid into your app or code base.

To get started, add Teammates within your SendGrid Settings or browse through the documentation for more information.

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