Responsive Templates: Make Sure Everyone Can Read Your Email

May 05, 2014
Written by
Warren Duff
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Responsive Templates: Make Sure Everyone Can Read Your Email

Checking email on mobile devices is more popular than ever before. We recently discovered that almost half of all messages sent through SendGrid were engaged by a mobile phone or tablet.

What does this mean for you? Whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you need to make sure your email message looks great on whatever device the recipient chooses to read it on.

Like we’ve covered in the past with How to Keep Your Email Looking Great in Any Inbox, messages render differently with different browsers and email clients. The same goes for mobile devices and tablets. Depending on the manufacturer and email app used, your email can look drastically different.

To help you make sure your email looks great on any device, the email experts in SendGrid Support have developed a few responsive email templates for you to download. If you prefer a more customized email template, SendGrid's transactional email template engine allows users to create their own responsive email templates.

In addition to being able to download the templates on their Responsive Templates and Design post, you can also read more about:
  • Pixel and image sizes
  • Best practices for using these and your own responsive templates
  • Browsers and devices these templates have been tested on
  • How to test your custom templates in the future.
Making sure your email is responsive should be an essential part of everyone’s email campaign. Along with responsive templates, read about the other tactics we think all our customers should employ in 8 Email Marketing Tactics That Need to be Part of Your Email Program.

To download SendGrid’s responsive email templates and start sending email, just visit our Free Email Marketing Templates Page.

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