Pipe Your SendGrid Data in a Data Warehouse

Pipe Your SendGrid Data in a Data Warehouse

Today, we are happy to announce a new partnership with Segment, a customer data platform that makes collecting and sending data really easy. Known for connecting mobile, web, and server data to third-party tools for analysis and marketing, Segment has expanded its product portfolio to include a new addition, called Sources.

The Benefits of Partnership

With Segment Sources and SendGrid, you can get a more holistic view into your customers’ journey. With just a few clicks, you can sync all of your SendGrid email data into a data warehouse for advanced analysis. And, you can combine your SendGrid email opened and delivered events, with all of your customer touch points including CRM, helpdesk, payments, SMS, in-app data and more to get a complete view of your customer experience.

Getting started is simple. You’ll need a SendGrid and a Segment account. Just add your API key from SendGrid into your Segment account. Then connect your data warehouse. Segment will start syncing your data in minutes. No code required.

select * from website.users join sendgrid.opens join zendesk.tickets

Through Segment, SendGrid customers can:
  • Find the best time of day and day of week to send emails
  • Build a custom funnel measuring email events to in-app conversions
  • Analyze email opens, email link clicks, and email unsubscribes across all your campaigns
  • Get a complete history of how many emails customers receive over time
  • Combine email interactions with in-app behavior to identify high intent prospects and customers likely to churn
Sample Use Case

Internet-based grocery delivery service, Instacart, uses Segment Sources to better understand the performance of its SendGrid campaigns, and how users interact with email over time. Instacart looks into how many emails get sent to users in a given week, which emails perform best across users, and when the best time of day and day of week is to send emails.

With Sources, you can join your SendGrid, Zendesk, Twilio, Salesforce, Stripe, and more customer data into one database. Learn more about how Segment Sources works in the video below. Get started here!

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