New Guide! Uplevel Your Email SenderOps

November 06, 2020
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New Guide! Uplevel Your Email SenderOps

When it comes to managing your email program, it’s challenging to know what to prioritize. Do you focus on your delivery and open rates? What about your sender identity or reputation? What will move the needle most? 

Senders often overlook email security, which is unfortunate because they are missing out on the incredible benefits that come with a secure, authenticated email account. Having the right email security measures in place not only protects your email program from phishing scams, but it also improves your sender reputation, delivery, and open rates. It’s a win-win-win. 

So... why don’t senders secure their email?

The process to authenticate your email account is complicated, technical, and challenging to navigate. Do you start with SPF and DKIM—is that enough? Where does DMARC fit in and what about DMARC enforcement?

To help answer those questions, we collaborated with Valimail, the leader in zero-trust email security, to create this guide: Uplevel Your Email SenderOps.

Guide to uplevel your email senderops

What's covered in the guide?


Phishing is a method used by bad actors to impersonate brands and gather sensitive information like credit card numbers, bank account information, or login credentials.
82% of organizations faced an email-based security threat in 2019 (Barracuda). 
We’ll dig into the details of phishing, provide examples, and explain why it’s so important to secure your sending from bad actors. 

Email authentication

There are so many email authentication protocols, and each has an important role to play for the security of your sender operations. We’ll outline the different email authentication protocols, explain the benefits of each, and provide tools to help you set up email authentication for your program.

Sender identity

Your sender identity is easy to spoof if you don’t have the right security measures in place. How do you take control of your sender identity and protect your email program? We’ll share how you can make sure that only authorized senders are using your from address.

Sender reputation

There are so many factors that go into your sender reputation (including email authentication), but phishing scams can completely derail the relationships you have with mailbox providers. We’ll discuss several ways you can keep an eye on your sender reputation and stay on mailbox providers’ good sides. 

Enhancing your email security can benefit your sender operations in so many ways. Are you ready to Uplevel Your Email SenderOps? Download the guide to get started!

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