Inbox Monster's New Email Deliverability Data Points

May 09, 2023
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Inbox Monster's New Email Deliverability Data Points

You already know that inbox providers use complex data algorithms to determine wanted mail versus unwanted mail. And although senders don’t have access to some of those data points, thanks to companies like Inbox Monster, they have access to more data than before. 

One of the reasons we love working with the team at Inbox Monster since we announced our partnership in February 2022 is simple: they listen. 

We’ve provided Inbox Monster with direct customer feedback, and the team has delivered, announcing changes, updates, and new features to make sure senders have exactly what they need to make informed decisions. Today is no different. 

In case you’ve missed it, we’ll recap some of the latest releases from Inbox Monster designed to help you reach the inbox (and teach you how to improve email deliverability).

Dive into your database with new subscriber insights

First, there are subscriber insights. 

After uploading your list to the Inbox Monster platform, you can view several key data points. There, you see the underlying mail systems within your list. For example, what percentage of your list is Google Workspace? Or Microsoft Office 365? This list will assist in everything from IP  address warm-up planning to drilling down on inboxing issues. 

On top of that, you’ll be able to see other key valuable data points, such as how many domains in your list have no mail exchange record and can’t accept mail. 

Lastly, are there known spam traps within your lists? Subscriber insight will provide all this information with one simple upload. The best part? You can upload your list without any personally identifiable information, keeping you and your customers safe.


Identify problematic areas with an expanded signals network

There’s also an expanded signals network.

Spam trap hits are a vital metric for determining what changes you need to make to your email program. For example, do you need to alter your sunset strategy, opt-in form, or list acquisition tactics? 

Drilling down on pristine traps versus recycled traps versus typo traps helps a sender determine the issues they need to address—in other words, what’s worth pursuing and what isn’t. 

Spam trap hit reporting is also key to avoiding blocklistings. That’s why Inbox Monster continuously expands its spam trap network to the point that it now operates the largest spam trap network in the business. With hundreds of millions of spam traps at its disposal, Inbox Monster helps you identify problematic areas of your email deliverability program like never before—and who wouldn’t want that.


Get Inbox Monster’s new email deliverability data points with Twilio SendGrid

Ready to get immediate access to Inbox Monster’s expanded spam trap network? Twilio SendGrid has you covered. Contact Sales today to purchase a recurring email deliverability service package to get started with Inbox Monster’s new deliverability data points. 

With access to Inbox Monster’s expanded spam trap network, subscriber insights, and access to a Deliverability Expert from SendGrid, you’re in great hands.

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