Introducing BriteVerify for SendGrid

Introducing BriteVerify for SendGrid

BriteVerify logoTired of crossing your fingers that your emails don’t bounce after you hit send? We don’t blame you. 2.1% of all emails decay each month and many marketers only clean their lists as a result of poor campaign performance or, even worse, when a deny list crisis strikes.

But not to worry, something big happened this week that’s going to make email bounces a thing of the past. We teamed up with email delivery leader, SendGrid, to ensure the validity and deliverability of your email marketing lists. (We’re like the two members of the Justice League, but for emails.) Now, you can remove undeliverable emails before they bounce and keep your messages in the inbox where they belong.

What else can you do thanks to this integration? Quite a few things:

Onboard New Data Instantly and Safely

Onboard new lists into SendGrid right from BriteVerify. Simply upload your list into BriteVerify, let BriteVerify remove all invalid or undeliverable data, and automatically transfer the verified data to your SendGrid account. You can also choose to remove risky emails that can dilute your campaign’s performance.

Verify Existing SendGrid Contacts

The new BriteVerify for SendGrid integration can remove invalid and risky emails from existing SendGrid marketing contacts and contact lists. You can also choose to remove inactive emails, based on open activity from past months to ensure that your data is as risk-free as possible and will perform at the highest levels.

Migrate Contacts to SendGrid

Instantly and cleanly migrate your marketing lists from another platform to SendGrid seamlessly as you verify. For example, you may select a list to verify from your previous email service provider and automatically transfer it to a new SendGrid contact list once the verification is complete.

Watch the Video Overview:

Sign up for a new BriteVerify account today and link your existing SendGrid account to get started.

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