141+ Giving Tuesday Email Subject Lines and Examples

September 29, 2023
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141+ Giving Tuesday Email Subject Lines and Examples

Cyber Monday and Black Friday tend to get all the spotlight during Cyber Week, but there's another special day that deserves some attention during all the holiday hustle and bustle: Giving Tuesday. 

How can your Giving Tuesday message stand out in an inbox flooded with deals, promotions, and holiday sales? The answer lies in the first thing your audience sees: the email subject line. A compelling subject line makes the difference between an opened or overlooked email.

Get it right, and you can earn valuable donations for your nonprofit. Get it wrong, and your campaign doesn't stand a chance. Fortunately, we're here to help give you all the tips, templates, examples, and best practices you need to succeed.

Below, we'll dive into the art and science of crafting the perfect Giving Tuesday email subject line. Whether a seasoned email marketer or a nonprofit team venturing into the digital realm for the first time, here's what you need to know.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a relatively new movement (born in 2012) in response to the commercialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It's a global reminder and call to action, urging individuals, communities, and organizations worldwide to come together for the collective good.

Millions of people donate on this day, helping make Q4 the most influential fundraising period for all nonprofits.

Email has emerged as a pivotal tool in amplifying the message of giving. Amid the bombardment of commercials, social media ads, and influencer campaigns, email is the one channel your donors choose. It's a trusted place to connect with your supporters, update them on initiatives, and invite them to contribute to something bigger. 

Through well-crafted emails, organizations can share success stories, highlight the tangible impact of donations, and inspire action. Your Giving Tuesday email subject line is the gateway to your reader's time and attention.

Giving Tuesday subject line best practices

On Giving Tuesday (when inboxes overfill with messages), a captivating subject line can set your email apart, giving it the engagement it deserves. 

However, creating a compelling subject line is easier said than done, especially when retail companies throw “Buy One, Get One” sales and “99% Off” discounts in your audience's face. You'll need to follow a few subject line best practices to give your campaign a chance to compete:
  1. Keep it concise: Aim for clarity and brevity since many email clients truncate subject lines after 50-60 characters.
  2. Evoke emotion: Use powerful and emotive words that resonate with the spirit of giving and generosity. Words like "help," "support," "change," and "impact" can be effective.
  3. Personalize: Use personalized subject lines, including the recipient's name or referencing a past donation. "John, help us make a difference again this Giving Tuesday!" is more engaging than a generic call to action.
  4. Use urgency: Create a sense of urgency with phrases like "Today Only," "Your Exclusive Invitation," or "Last Chance."
  5. Ask a question: Pique curiosity and engagement by posing a question. For example: "Ready to change a life this Giving Tuesday?"
  6. Highlight impact: Let recipients know exactly how their contribution will make a difference. "Turn $10 into clean water for 10 families" is specific and compelling.
  7. Avoid spam language: Reach the inbox by keeping your messages genuine and avoiding overhyped language. Words like "FREE," "BUY NOW," or excessive use of exclamation points can alert spam filters.
  8. Test and optimize: Run A/B tests on different subject lines to gain insights into what resonates most with your audience. Use this data to refine your approach for future campaigns.
  9. Stay true to your brand: Avoid the temptation to adopt a completely different tone for Giving Tuesday, as it's essential to remain consistent with your organization's voice and brand. Authenticity matters.
  10. Use emojis sparingly: Use emojis judiciously to add a touch of flair and catch the eye. You want to enhance rather than detract from your message.

Best Giving Tuesday email subject line templates and examples

Creating original, compelling email subject lines for your campaigns can be a huge hurdle. Fortunately, you don't need to start from scratch. Use our copy/paste Giving Tuesday email subject line templates for inspiration or (if you like them) directly in your campaign.

Whether looking for something heartfelt, urgent, or informative, there's a template here for you. Feel free to use these as is or let them be the spark that ignites your creativity. After all, every organization has a unique voice and story—embrace yours.

Direct request subject lines

Sometimes, it's best to take the most direct approach. Don't sugarcoat it or hide behind other messages—approach your supporters with a straightforward donation request.
  1. Join Us This Giving Tuesday 🌍
  2. Your Gift Matters Today More Than Ever
  3. Lend a Hand This Giving Tuesday 🤝
  4. Stand With Us Today for a Brighter Tomorrow
  5. We Need You—Make a Difference Now
  6. Giving Tuesday: Let's Make It Count Together
  7. Your Support Can Change Lives Today
  8. Be the Change You Wish to See 🌟
  9. Today's the Day: Support Our Mission
  10. Every Donation Counts: Can We Count On You?
  11. Be a Hero This Giving Tuesday 🦸
  12. Today, Every Little Bit Helps—Join Us
  13. Giving Starts With You—Donate Now
  14. Make Your Mark This Giving Tuesday ✍️
  15. A Simple Act Can Create Waves of Change 🌊
  16. Today, Your Gift Can Make All the Difference
  17. Join Our Giving Tuesday Movement
  18. Be a Part of Something Bigger This Giving Tuesday
  19. We're on a Mission, and We Need Your Help
  20. Your Gift Can Change Lives—Donate Now
  21. Let's Turn Hope Into Action This Giving Tuesday
  22. Today's the Day to Make a Lasting Impact
  23. Giving Is an Act of Love: Show Yours Today ❤️
  24. Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today
  25. Today, Every Penny Counts: Support Our Mission

Clear impact subject lines

Show your supporters exactly what their donation will help achieve. Everyone wants to make a difference, and it's impactful to know what a donation will do.
  1. Turn $5 Into 50 Meals for Families in Need
  2. Your $20 Can Provide Clean Water for a Month 🚰
  3. Give Today, Light Up a Village for a Year 💡
  4. Every $10 Educates a Child for a Month 📚
  5. Plant a Tree, Save the Future 🌳
  6. Your Donation: A Lifeline for Endangered Species 🐅
  7. $50 Can Shelter a Homeless Person for 5 Nights 🏠
  8. Your Gift Today Can Vaccinate 10 Children 💉
  9. Empower a Woman, Uplift a Community 👩‍🌾
  10. Your $30 Helps Train a Teacher and Shape Futures 🍎
  11. Clean Oceans Start With Your Donation 🌊
  12. Give Warmth: $15 Buys Winter Clothes for Those in Need
  13. $25 = 100 Books for Kids Eager to Learn
  14. Every Dollar Brings Clean Energy to Remote Villages 🌞
  15. Restore Sight With a $50 Donation 👁️
  16. Your Contribution Builds Homes and Hopes 🏡
  17. Give Today and Watch Communities Flourish Tomorrow
  18. Your Gift Today Can Sponsor a Child's Education for a Year 🎓
  19. Feed the Hungry, One Meal at a Time
  20. $40 Provides Mental Health Support for Those in Crisis
  21. $25 Protects 50 Acres of Wildlife Habitat 🦜
  22. Your $15 Can Provide Essential Medicines for a Month
  23. Your Donation Fuels Research and Hope for Cures 🧬
  24. Light Up Lives: $30 Powers a Home for a Month
  25. Empower Dreams: Your Gift Funds Scholarships 📖

Tax deadline reminder subject lines

Many people make donations without thinking of tax advantages, but it's a double whammy that donors should keep in mind. Give them a friendly reminder to make the most of their tax-deductible donations before it's too late. 
  1. Make a Difference and Get a Tax Break Before the Deadline
  2. Giving Tuesday: Your Last Chance for 2023 Tax Deductions
  3. Don't Miss Out: Donate Now for Tax Benefits
  4. Time's Ticking: Secure Your Tax Deductions With a Gift Today
  5. Reminder: Donate Before Year-End for Tax Advantages
  6. Tax Reminder: Give and Save
  7. Maximize Your Tax Savings With a Donation Today
  8. Giving Tuesday: A Win for Charity and Your Tax Return
  9. Make Your Gift Count for Giving Tuesday—and Your Taxes
  10. Last Call for 2023 Tax-Deductible Donations
  11. Secure Your Tax Benefits: The Deadline Is Approaching
  12. Give Generously and Enjoy Tax Deductions
  13. Reminder: Your Tax-Deductible Window Is Closing
  14. Don't Let Tax Benefits Slip Away—Donate Today
  15. Giving Tuesday: Double the Impact With Tax Savings
  16. Your Last Chance to Give and Get a Tax Break This Year
  17. Make the Most of Giving Tuesday and Year-End Tax Benefits
  18. Act Now: The Tax Deadline Is Just Around the Corner
  19. Giving Tuesday: A Gift for Them, a Tax Break for You
  20. Ticktock: The Tax Clock Is Winding Down—Donate Now
  21. Race Against the Clock: Donate Now for 2023 Tax Credits
  22. Act fast: The Tax Window Is Closing
  23. Make Your Year-End Gift Count in More Ways Than One
  24. Final Reminder: Donate Now for Maximum Tax Benefits
  25. Your Year-End Gift: Good for Them, Great for Your Taxes

Thank you subject lines

Once you secure a donation from your supporters, send them a heartfelt note thanking them for their generosity. However, without a compelling subject line, they might never see your thank you message. Here are a few ideas to get your donors' attention.
  1. A Heartfelt Thank You for Your Giving Tuesday Generosity
  2. Your Gift Is Making Waves—Thank You 🙏
  3. Because of You, Change Is Possible—Thank You
  4. A Big THANK YOU From All of Us for Your Support
  5. Celebrating YOU This Giving Tuesday.—Thank You
  6. Grateful for You: Your Donation Is Changing Lives
  7. From All of Us: A Huge Thank You for Your Gift
  8. Your Giving Tuesday Contribution Means the World—Thanks
  9. Together, We're Making an Impact—Thank you
  10. You're Our Hero—Thanks for Your Giving Tuesday Gift
  11. A Simple Note to Say: Thank You for Giving
  12. Thanks for Being a Part of Our Giving Tuesday Journey
  13. Every Act of Kindness Counts—Thanks for Yours
  14. You've Lit Up Our World This Giving Tuesday—Thank You 🌟
  15. Your Support Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving—Thank You
  16. Your Giving Tuesday Gift Is a Game Changer—Thank You
  17. You're the Heart of Our Mission—Thank You for Giving
  18. A Toast to You and Your Giving Tuesday Kindness 🥂
  19. You've Painted a Brighter Future—Thank You
  20. Your Generosity Is the Wind Beneath Our Wings—Thanks
  21. A Universe of Thanks for Your Cosmic Kindness
  22. Grateful for Your Gift and the Spirit Behind It—Thank You
  23. Every Step Forward Is Thanks to You
  24. Your Gift Is the Rainbow After Our Rain—Thank You 🌈
  25. Because of Donors Like You, Hope Thrives—Thank You

Urgency subject lines

Life is busy. And people who honestly care about your cause might put off making a donation until it's too late. Add a touch of urgency to get them across the donation finish line on Giving Tuesday.
  1. Time's Ticking—Donate Now ⏰
  2. Last Chance: Make It Count
  3. ⏳ Giving Tuesday's Final Hours
  4. Hurry—Be a Changemaker 🌟
  5. Final Call: Join the Movement 🚀
  6. Donate Before Midnight 🌙
  7. Clock's Ticking: Be a Hero 🦸
  8. Final Hours: Your Donation Can Change Lives
  9. Today's Gift, Tomorrow's Change
  10. Don't Wait, Donate
  11. Giving Tuesday: Almost Over
  12. Donate Before It's Too Late
  13. We Need Your Help
  14. Final Call: Your Gift Can Shape Futures
  15. The Finish Line's in Sight—Let's Cross It Together
  16. The Countdown Is On: Make Every Second Count
  17. Last Chance to Give
  18. Ticktock, Donate Now
  19. Now or Never
  20. Closing Time: Make Your Last Donations
  21. Quick, Donate Before Time's Out
  22. Last Second, Big Impact
  23. Act Before Midnight
  24. Final Push, Make It Count
  25. Don't Delay, Give Today

Real-life Giving Tuesday subject line examples

Want to see some real-life examples from brands you know and love? Here's a quick list of Giving Tuesday subject lines we've seen.
  1. It Feels Good to Give Back 🧡 - Aftershokz
  2. Why We Give - Leesa
  3. In Honor of #GivingTuesday, We're DOUBLING OUR PLEDGES! - Sevenly
  4. This #GivingTuesday, Make History With Us! - charity: water
  5. Join #GivingTuesday With Lyft - Lyft
  6. Today's the Day. Give 100%. - charity: water
  7. Our First Charity Donation—You Made It Possible - Djusie
  8. 5 Ways Your Donation Will Change Lives - Road Scholar
  9. $10K Donation for Communities Thanks to You! - Meetup
  10. How Donations Can Fit Into Your Budget - Ellevest
  11. What This Teacher in Boston Needs Right Now ❄️ - DonorsChoose
  12. You Donate, We'll Match - Patagonia
  13. Donate to the Red Cross and Earn Miles - American Airlines
  14. Donate. Get Free Stuff. - CW&T
  15. Helping Where We Can - Hooey
  16. Elevating Black Women - adidas

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