121 Cyber Monday Email Subject Lines to Boost Open Rates

August 25, 2023
Written by
Jesse Sumrak
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Ayanna Julien
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121 Cyber Monday Email Subject Lines to Boost Open Rates

Email marketing can be one of your biggest Cyber Monday revenue drivers. However, it doesn't matter how good your email designs or discounts are if nobody sees them—and that's where top-notch Cyber Monday email subject lines play a critical role.

Below, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to craft compelling Cyber Monday email subject lines your subscribers can't resist opening. First, we'll start with a few best practices, then move on to some copy/paste templates and examples to use in your campaigns.

Cyber Monday email subject line best practices

Cyber Monday is arguably one of the most competitive days for email marketing, with subscribers receiving an unprecedented number of emails in 24 hours.

You'll need to write top-notch Cyber Monday email subject lines to stand out from the competition. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind to increase your odds of earning an open:
  • Preview text: Pair your preview text with your subject line to take advantage of the extra inbox real estate and characters.
  • Mentions of exclusivity: Emphasize that your email contains exclusive Cyber Monday deals that recipients won't find elsewhere.
  • Sense of urgency: Use words like "last chance," "limited time," and "hours left" to create a sense of urgency.
  • Discounts: State the discount percentage or dollar amount to grab attention and convey value. Use numbers and percentage signs to preserve characters and space.
  • Emojis: Make your emails stand out with emojis. However, if everyone in your industry uses emojis, use plaintext (to make it stand out).
  • Cyber Monday callout: Include "Cyber Monday" in your subject lines so subscribers know what to expect in the email.
  • Personalization: Add the recipients’ names or past purchase behaviors to make subject lines more personalized.
  • Segmentation: Tailor subject lines based on recipients’ preferences or purchase history, ensuring relevance and higher open rates.
  • Short and sweet copy: Keep subject lines concise and to the point, as shorter subject lines tend to perform better (especially on mobile devices).
  • Notices: Give your subscribers a heads-up email before Cyber Monday to let them know the good deals heading their way.
  • Reminders: Take advantage of abandoned cart emails and Cyber Monday deal reminders to ensure your audience doesn't miss out. 

Cyber Monday email subject line templates and examples

Creating unique, high-converting email subject lines can be tricky. So let us help with the basics.

Below, we'll give you some of the best-of-the-best email subject line templates and examples. You can copy/paste these into your campaigns or use them as inspiration for your one-of-a-kind ideas.

Cyber Monday-specific subject lines

  1. "🎉 Cyber Monday Madness: Unbelievable Savings Await"
  2. "Cyber Monday Starts NOW: Get 50% Off Everything"
  3. "Ready, Set, Save—Cyber Monday Deals Inside 🛍️"
  4. "Don't Miss Out: Exclusive Cyber Monday Offers Just for You"
  5. "🚨 Cyber Monday Alert: Biggest Sale of the Year Is Here"
  6. "Score Big Savings on Cyber Monday—Shop Now"
  7. "It's On: Cyber Monday Deals Are Live 🎉"
  8. "Limited Time: Cyber Monday Savings Up to 70% Off"
  9. "Cyber Monday Extravaganza: Save Big on Your Favorites"
  10. "Shop Until You Drop: Unbeatable Cyber Monday Discounts"
  11. "Cyber Monday Spectacular: Get Ready to Shop 🛒"
  12. "Countdown to Savings: Cyber Monday Deals End Tonight"
  13. "Unlock Cyber Monday Magic: Up to 60% Off Sitewide"
  14. "Savings Alert: Cyber Monday Deals to Fuel Your Shopping Spree"
  15. "Jump-Start Your Week With Cyber Monday Savings 💸"
  16. "Your Ultimate Cyber Monday Destination for Massive Discounts"
  17. "Cyber Monday Surprise: Enjoy 55% Off Your Favorite Picks"
  18. "Cyber Monday Alert: Your Wallet Will Thank You 🛍️"
  19. "Scoop Up Savings: Cyber Monday Deals Now Live"
  20. "Hurry: Cyber Monday Savings Await—Limited Time Only"
  21. "Cyber Monday Flash Sale: Don't Miss These Incredible Deals"
  22. "Experience Cyber Monday Bliss: Unwrap Your Savings Now"
  23. "Cyber Monday Starts NOW: Score Big on Savings"
  24. "Your Wishlist + Cyber Monday = Dream Savings"
  25. "Exclusive Cyber Monday Offer: 10% Off + Free Shipping"

Pre-Cyber Monday email subject lines

  1. "Get Ready for Cyber Monday: Sneak Peek Inside"
  2. "Countdown to Cyber Monday: Prepare for Incredible Deals"
  3. "The Calm Before the Cyber Monday Storm: Exciting Offers Ahead"
  4. "Cyber Monday Teaser: Big Savings Await You"
  5. "Unveiling Soon: Your Exclusive Cyber Monday Offers"
  6. "Cyber Monday Alert: Brace Yourself for Amazing Discounts"
  7. "Your VIP Pass to Pre-Cyber Monday Savings"
  8. "Prep for the Savings Spree"
  9. "Cyber Monday Is Coming"
  10. "Pre-Cyber Monday: Your Early Access"
  11. "Pre-Cyber Monday Sneak Peek"
  12. "Unlock Early Savings: Cyber Monday Preview"
  13. "Before the Rush: Pre-Cyber Monday Deals Inside"
  14. "Cyber Monday Prep: Don't Miss Your Preview"
  15. "Prime Yourself for Cyber Monday"
  16. "Pre-Cyber Monday Delights: Your First Look at Savings"
  17. "Skip the Line: Exclusive Pre-Cyber Monday Offers"
  18. "Countdown to Pre-Cyber Monday: Gear Up for Savings"
  19. "Exciting Times Ahead: Pre-Cyber Monday Teaser"
  20. "Pre-Cyber Monday Excitement: Your Exclusive Preview"
  21. "Your Cyber Monday Warm-Up: Early Access Begins"
  22. "Pre-Cyber Monday Spark: Dive Into Early Offers"
  23. "Ready, Set, Shop: Pre-Cyber Monday Is Almost Here"
  24. "Pre-Cyber Monday Unveiling: Your Savings Preview"
  25. "Get Ahead of the Game: Cyber Monday Alert"
  26. "Cyber Monday Insider: Your Deals Await"

FOMO-inducing Cyber Monday subject lines

  1. "Hurry—Cyber Monday Deals Slip Away at Midnight 🕛"
  2. "Last Chance: Cyber Monday Offers Expire Soon"
  3. "Don't Miss Out: Cyber Monday Ends Tonight"
  4. "Act Fast: Cyber Monday Deals Stop Soon"
  5. "🏃 Rush In: Cyber Monday Offers About to Expire"
  6. "Unmissable Cyber Monday Discounts Inside"
  7. "Ticktock: Grab Your Cyber Monday Deals Before Midnight"
  8. "Limited Time Left: Cyber Monday Savings Await"
  9. "🔊 Last Call for Cyber Monday: Seize Your Deals"
  10. "Urgent: Cyber Monday Offers Disappearing Fast"
  11. "Time's Running Out: Cyber Monday Savings About to Go"
  12. "Final Hours: Cyber Monday Discounts Now"
  13. "⏰ Limited Time Left: Cyber Monday Savings Await"
  14. "Last Call for Cyber Monday"
  15. "Cyber Monday Offers End Soon"
  16. "Cyber Monday Deals Slip Away Today"
  17. "Don't Wait: Cyber Monday Savings End Tonight"
  18. "Rush In: Cyber Monday Offers About to Expire"
  19. "Cyber Monday Deals Ending"
  20. "🚀Act Now: Cyber Monday Savings Won't Wait"
  21. "Urgent Reminder: Cyber Monday Savings Going Bye-Bye"
  22. "Hurry Up: Cyber Monday Offers Say Goodbye Soon"
  23. "Final Warning: Cyber Monday Discounts Disappearing"
  24. "Deadline Approaching: Cyber Monday Deals Almost Gone"
  25. "Last Call: Cyber Monday Savings Fading Fast"
  26. "Cyber Monday Items Flying Off the Shelves"
  27. "Seconds Left: Cyber Monday Savings Vanishing"
  28. "Catch It While You Can: Cyber Monday Deals Ending"
  29. "🚨 Hurry: Cyber Monday Deals End Tonight—Don't Miss Out"

Cyber Monday abandoned cart subject line templates

  1. "🛍️ Don't Miss Out—Your Cyber Monday Cart Is Waiting"
  2. "Still Interested? Your Cyber Monday Deals Await"
  3. "Did You Forget Something? Cyber Monday Savings Inside"
  4. "Last Chance for Cyber Monday Deals in Your Cart"
  5. "Your Cyber Monday Cart Misses You—Complete Your Order"
  6. "Unlock Your Cyber Monday Savings: Your Cart Awaits"
  7. "Cyber Monday Delights: Finish Your Shopping Spree Now"
  8. "Your Cart's Not Empty Yet: Cyber Monday Deals Inside"
  9. "Hurry Back: Cyber Monday Discounts Still in Your Cart"
  10. "Complete Your Order: Cyber Monday Deals Just a Click Away"
  11. "Don't Let Cyber Monday Savings Slip Away—Finish Your Cart"
  12. "Your Cart Called: Cyber Monday Deals Need Your Attention"
  13. "Revive Your Cart: Cyber Monday Offers Still Up for Grabs"
  14. "Return and Complete Your Order"
  15. "Claim Your Cyber Monday Deals: Your Cart Holds the Key"
  16. "It's Not Too Late: Cyber Monday Savings Still in Your Cart"
  17. "Rescue Your Cyber Monday Cart: Finish Your Shopping Spree"
  18. "Back to Cart: Don't Miss Out on Cyber Monday Deals"
  19. "Your Cart + Cyber Monday = Unbeatable Savings—Act Now"
  20. "Unfinished Business: Cyber Monday Savings in Your Cart"

Emoji-heavy Cyber Monday subject line examples

  1. "🛒Bag Your Bargains: Cyber Monday Frenzy Has Begun"
  2. "🌈Your Pot of Gold: Cyber Monday Savings Galore"
  3. "🎉Eureka—Discover Cyber Monday's Hidden Gems"
  4. "🚀Blast Off to Bargains: Cyber Monday Deals Await"
  5. "⏳Ticktock: Cyber Monday Countdown Is On"
  6. "💥Explosive Deals: Cyber Monday Magic Unleashed"
  7. "🔔Time to Save: Cyber Monday Doorbusters Await"
  8. "💸Your Cyber Monday Wish: Savings Upon Savings"
  9. "⚡Don't Wait: Cyber Monday Lightning Deals Now Live"
  10. "🛍️Dive Into Cyber Monday"
  11. "🚀Save Big Today"
  12. "🔥Fuel Your FOMO: Cyber Monday Deals End Soon"
  13. "🌟All Aboard the Cyber Monday Savings Express"
  14. "💰Your Golden Ticket: Cyber Monday Deals Await"
  15. "🌙Moonlight Savings: Dive Into Cyber Monday"
  16. "🛎️Knock, Knock: Cyber Monday Is Open"
  17. "⚡Flash Sale: Go"
  18. "🔥Hot Cyber Savings"
  19. "🛒Cart Alert: Act Fast"
  20. "🎉Shop and Save"
  21. "💥Big Discounts—Act Quickly"

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