Conga Composer Empowers Email Deliverability for Salesforce Users with SendGrid

April 24, 2013
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Conga Composer Empowers Email Deliverability for Salesforce Users with SendGrid

AE_Conga_LogoConga, the developers of the Conga Suite, which includes Conga Composer, is the most popular document generation and reporting solution for Salesforce. Since 2006, Conga has been helping customers fully leverage their Salesforce data and as a result, has rapidly built a fan base of more than 75,000 users, in over 35 countries, across all industries.

Conga Composer was launched on the Salesforce AppExchange in 2006. This powerful document generation solution allows Salesforce users to easily merge documents that can be attached to HTML email templates and automatically sent to predefined recipients. With the continued market adoption of Conga Composer, Conga was faced with finding a cost effective solution that would provide consistent, reliable email delivery and tracking for large volumes of email.

In 2011, Conga partnered with SendGrid to provide their customers with a scalable and reliable email deliverability solution, which goes beyond the Salesforce email limits. With this partnership, SendGrid handles all the worries associated with email delivery rates, spam folders, ISP deny lists and scaling to meet high user volume, allowing Conga’s customers to be more productive with their Salesforce application.

With the Conga Composer and SendGrid integration, Conga customers have access to a highly scalable, reliable and efficient email infrastructure to ensure that important documents like invoices and contracts are successfully delivered. Other features provided by SendGrid include comprehensive tracking and analytics such as open rates, clicks, bounces and deliveries, which provide essential information for Conga Composer customers to understand how their emails are received.

Many Conga Composer customers and employees use the integration with SendGrid to take advantage of added benefits when sending HTML email. This integration gives users the ability to send richly formatted HTML emails from virtually any object in Salesforce with a single click, taking advantage of the powerful merging capabilities of Composer and the critical deliverability analytics and reporting offered by SendGrid.

"Since first developing document generation solutions for Salesforce, we have had a continued focus on extending the capabilities of Conga Composer by adding integrations with companies such as SendGrid,” said Michael Markham, Conga’s CTO.  “Our partnership with SendGrid has brought enhanced scalability, email deliverability and tracking capabilities directly to Conga Composer users.”

Getting Started with Conga Composer and SendGrid

To get started with Conga Composer to send SendGrid email, we have outlined 2 simple steps below:

1) Within the Salesforce Setup menu, under the App Setup section, click on Installed Packages and select Configure to set up your Conga Composer package.



2) In the resulting Conga Composer setup menu, click on the Integration Partners tab. You will be prompted to either enter your SendGrid credentials if you have an existing SendGrid account or to visit SendGrid to create an account.

Composer Integration_Partners

SendGrid email example using Conga Composer with the SendGrid integration.


Email deliverability tracking and analytics available with the SendGrid Integration.


For more on SendGrid’s partnerships, visit our Partners Page.

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