Checking In With SendGrid Email Support

July 03, 2014
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Checking In With SendGrid Email Support

SendGrid sends billions of email every month for thousands of customers, so it’s no surprise that our amazing support staff handles a ton of questions. Whether it’s helping new customers integrate or informing customers of changes to DMARC policies, they handle it all.

We picked a few common questions SendGrid Support received over the last month to highlight here along with their answers:

Technical Email Issues

Why isn’t my email-to-sms working?

If you’re considering sending large numbers of SMS messages to customers from your SendGrid account, you may run into some problems. The bandwidth for SMTP-to-SMS is very narrow because network providers need to be able to predict traffic and prevent spam messages. Our post Email to SMS goes into even more detail.

What are SPF records?

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. This is a security measure SendGrid allows customers to use to further prevent sender address forgery. We’ve detailed the process for implementing and configuring your SPF record and how to incorporate it into authenticating your account in SPF Records Explained.

What is domain authentication?

We strongly suggest that all customers set up domain authentication for their accounts. Domain authentication is the process of masking Twilio SendGrid from the sending process, email headers, and links within the messages you send. Not only does domain authentication improve deliverability and customer engagement, it also improves your sending reputation. You can follow the Domain Authentication Wizard or watch the domain authentication video tutorial.

SendGrid Account Features

How does SendGrid bill me each month?

At the beginning of each month, SendGrid bills its paying customers. This bill is for the upcoming month of usage, as well as any overages, usage charges, or newsletter usage incurred during the previous month. You can learn more about this process and find more useful information in our post titled: Billing Information and Resources.

How should I handle “unsubscribes” to my email campaign?

Managing your subscriber list is an essential part of any email campaign. If a recipient wants to unsubscribe, make sure they’re taken off your sending list as soon as possible. Otherwise, your emails could be marked as spam, dropping your sender reputation. You can learn how to implement unsubscribes in two different way in Unsubscribes Explained.

How can I test my email sending speed?

If you're sending large volumes of email and are interested to see how long it takes for an email to be delivered, we've developed a special domain for users to safely test their SMTP relay speeds. Plus, there's no risk to your your sending reputation by testing multiple times. Visit our Safely Test Sending Speeds Knowledge Base post to see how to do it.

SendGrid Support handles questions from all types of customers, whether they’re sending millions of emails or hundreds each month. You can check out their Knowledge Base page to learn more about the topics they work on most often.

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