105+ Best Black Friday Email Subject Lines (Templates and Examples)

105+ Best Black Friday Email Subject Lines (Templates and Examples)

Your Black Friday email subject lines can help or hurt your holiday sales. However, with so much on your plate already, coming up with creative, compelling campaign ideas this late might feel like starting a 10K at the marathon finish line (woof). 

Black Friday has grown from a one-day, in-person shopping event to a week-long (or month-long) digital deals bonanza. Many businesses record the highest sales of the year during this period—thanks in no small part to hefty marketing efforts. 

The inbox has become one of the most frenzied marketing channels. Did you think cramming 1,000 customers into a Walmart at midnight was hard? Try stuffing 1,000 brands into a single customer's inbox.

With the avalanche of Black Friday emails that pour into your customers' inboxes, your email subject lines act as your first point of contact. You either get your subscribers’ attention and earn a click, or you don't.

Need some help coming up with engaging Black Friday email subject lines for your campaigns? We've got you covered with catchy, funny, irresistible, and straight-to-the-point subject lines.

First, let's cover some best practices. Then, we'll dive into the Black Friday subject line examples and templates.

Best practices for your Black Friday email campaigns

Crafting a successful Black Friday email campaign demands more than attractive deals (although that's crucial too). You need strategic planning, attention to detail, top-notch technology, and deep familiarity with your audience. Here are some top considerations:
  • Remember, less is more: Twilio SendGrid data found that four-word subject lines delivered the highest unique open rate (10.62%) during the 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns.
  • Use emojis (or don’t): SendGrid processed 769 million emails during Cyber Week last year containing the fire emoji 🔥. Emojis help subject lines stand out, but if everyone does it, not using an emoji might stand out even more. 
  • Play the numbers game: Featuring a big discount? Don't say "Massive Deal" in the subject line—say what the deal is. That might be "50% Off" or "BOGO on Clearance Items."
  • Segment, segment, segment: Your brand only has limited opportunities to engage with each customer. Make them count. Send them hypertargeted emails that you know relate to them. 
  • Personalize to the max: Modern consumers expect more than a "Hello [Name]" in their emails. Dive deeper. Use browsing history, past purchase data, and other behavioral indicators to tailor your email subject lines and content.

105+ Black Friday email subject line examples

We'll brain dump all our favorite ideas for Black Friday email subject line examples. Some will work perfectly to copy and paste for your brand, while others will require you to personalize and zhuzh up.

Find what works best for your brand, experiment, and have fun.

Big discount email subject line examples

Let your discounts do the talking—don't make the customer have to guess what your point is. If you have a big sale to talk about, put it front and center in your subject line.
  1. "🔥 70% Off: Black Friday Blast"
  2. "Unlock 70% Savings Today"
  3. "🛍️ Friday Frenzy: 50% Off Everything"
  4. "Free Shipping on All Orders"
  5. "Travel Gear: 50% Off + Freebies"
  6. "🕒 Limited Time: 55% Off"
  7. "Wine Weekend: Buy 2, Get 1 Free"
  8. "🚀 70% Off: Black Friday Launch"
  9. "Tech Deals: Save $200 on Laptops"
  10. "👠 Heels at Half Price: Black Friday"
  11. "3 for 2: Black Friday Book Bonanza"
  12. "🎧 Headphones: Save 60% + Free Case"
  13. "FREE Shipping + 50% Off Tees"
  14. "Buy 1, Get 1"
  15. "🛁 Spa Day: 60% Off All Services"
  16. "Denim Delight: 40% Off Jeans"
  17. "Outdoor Gear: 50% Off + Free Shipping"
  18. "🍳 Kitchenware: 60% Off Today Only"
  19. "Time to Shine: Watches at $100 Off"
  20. "🎮 Game Night: 50% Off Bundles"
  21. "Beach Binge: Swimwear Slashed to 70%"
  22. "📚 Black Friday: Book Bundles 65% Off"
  23. "🍕 Pizza Party: Buy 2, Get 1 Slice"
  24. "Choco Choice: Free Box With $30 Purchase"
  25. "🍩 Free Coffee With Every Breakfast Buy"

Witty email subject line examples

Humor can be a great transition from the traditional pushy and urgency-driven Black Friday emails. If wit and humor align with your brand's voice, try these subject lines.
  1. "Black Friday: Less Frenzy, More Freebies"
  2. "Why Camp Out? Shop in Your PJs"
  3. "Who Needs Leftovers? Feast on Discounts"
  4. "No Pushing, Just Clicking"
  5. "Black Fry-Day: Deals Hotter Than Fries 🍟"
  6. "This Sale Has More Spice Than Pumpkin Latte"
  7. "You Woke Up Like This: 70% Off"
  8. "Doorbusters Without the Busted Doors"
  9. "Shop It Like It's Hot 🔥"
  10. "Couch, Coffee, Click, and Collect"
  11. "Less Bucks, More Bang"
  12. "Don't Let These Prices Ghost You 👻"
  13. "Fashion's On Fire: Get It or Regret It"
  14. "Our Sales Bring All the Shoppers to the Yard"
  15. "Prices Too Low—Don't Tell the Boss"
  16. "Our Prices Did a Limbo: How Low Can They Go?"
  17. "Books Discounted: Literally a Novel Idea"
  18. "Cameras: Snap Up These Flash Deals 📸"
  19. "Get These Laptop Deals Before We Ctrl+Alt+Delete"
  20. "Drones: Flying Off Shelves at 25% Off"
  21. "Running Shoes: Race to Ridiculous Savings"
  22. "🏌️Savings on Par With Perfection"
  23. "Where Did Our Prices Go? Oh They Dropped"
  24. "Skip the Lines, Not the Savings"
  25. "Candles: Scents and Savings Lit Up 🔥"

Urgency email subject line examples

Highlight scarcity to push would-be customers over the sales finish line. Give these email subject line examples a try when you need to seal those final deals—these are excellent with abandoned cart emails too.
  1. "Tick Tock: Black Friday Deals End Soon ⏰"
  2. "Savings' Final Hour"
  3. "Limited Stock Alert 🚨"
  4. "Wrap It Up 🎁"
  5. "Hurry, Limited Stock"
  6. "Only a Few Left: Secure Your Savings NOW 🛍️"
  7. "Score or Snore"
  8. "Black Friday Doorbuster Deals Close Soon 🚪🔥"
  9. "Grab These Deals Before They're Gone"
  10. "Don't Let These Deals Slip Away 🛒"
  11. "Just 30 Minutes Left on Black Friday Deals"
  12. "Snatch the Last Few"
  13. "Low Inventory Warning"
  14. "Black Friday Countdown On 🏎️💨"
  15. "Closing in 60 Minutes"
  16. "Minutes Matter: Last 20"
  17. "Down to the Last 4 Hours"
  18. "Deals This Good Won't Last Long 🕙"
  19. "2 Hours to Savings’ Sunset"
  20. "Time's Tight: 6 Hours Left"
  21. "Countdown Alert: Deals End at Midnight 🌙⏳"
  22. "Last Chance: Grab It Quick"
  23. "Don't Snooze and Lose"
  24. "Now or Never"
  25. "Grab Them Before They're Gone"

Irresistible email subject line examples

Deals, discounts, and deadlines tempt some, but a mix of curiosity, value, and emotional appeal tempt others. Try these irresistible email subject lines when you want to focus on the fear of missing out factor.
  1. "Unlock Your Black Friday Surprise 🎁"
  2. "Black Friday's Best Kept Secret ..."
  3. "You're Invited: VIP Black Friday Preview"
  4. "Did Someone Say Exclusive Discounts? 🤫"
  5. "Psst—Sneak Peek Inside ..."
  6. "Your VIP Pass to Early Savings"
  7. "Only for You: A Black Friday Exclusive"
  8. "We Saved the Best for You ..."
  9. "A Once-a-Year Opportunity Awaits"
  10. "Claim Your VIP Black Friday Prize"
  11. "Exclusive Access: Before Anyone Else"
  12. "The Black Friday Deal You've Been Waiting For"
  13. "We Dared to Go THIS Low"
  14. "This Is Huge—Dive In"
  15. "Price Drop Alert: See for Yourself"
  16. "Black Friday's Golden Ticket Inside 🎟️"
  17. "First Dibs on Deals"
  18. "See What's Behind the Black Friday Curtain"
  19. "Once Opened, There's No Turning Back ..."
  20. "Ready for a Savings Shock? ⚡"
  21. "Revealed: Your Exclusive Black Friday Bonus"
  22. "We’ve Handpicked Our Best Deal for You"
  23. "You Deserve This: Exclusive Access"
  24. "You'll Want to Sit Down for This"
  25. "Exclusive: Before the Rush Begins"
  26. "You Don't Want to Miss This"
  27. "Be Warned: This Deal Won't Last"
  28. "While Others Wait, You Win"
  29. "You're THIS Close to Missing Out"
  30. "The Deal 90% Will Miss ... But Not You"

Download free Black Friday email templates

A catchy, funny, irresistible, and straight-to-the-point Black Friday email subject line is only one part of your campaign. You'll also need a responsive, user-friendly design that gets readers to click your call to action (CTA) buttons and make a purchase.

Our designers at SendGrid built some free-to-use, downloadable Black Friday email templates. While we have more templates within the SendGrid user interface (which you can access by signing up for a free account), the following are the templates we provide free to anyone—even if you're not a SendGrid user or customer. 

Black Friday promotional email template

Want to promote various items or categories? This is the email template for you. It's fully customizable and responsive, meaning it'll look perfect and on brand regardless of where your customer opens it.

Black Friday deal email template

Need to highlight a specific deal and put it front and center? This email template uses a strategic blend of bold CTA buttons and white space to highlight your products or services.

But don’t stop there—check out our other free templates. Customize them to meet your unique needs, whether for Cyber Monday or your weekly newsletter.

Send at scale with Twilio SendGrid

You can't afford to botch your Black Friday email campaigns. Partner with an email service provider you can trust to send your emails at scale, whether hundreds, thousands, or millions.

Speaking of a trusted email service provider, Twilio SendGrid processed 8.8 billion emails on Black Friday 2022 and 8.9 billion emails on Cyber Monday 2022. That’s over 50 billion emails between November 21 and 28.

You can definitely trust that scale and volume.

However, don’t wait. Black Friday is just around the corner. Sign up for a free SendGrid account, import your contacts, build your campaigns, insert those Black Friday email subject lines, and prepare for record sales.

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