First Yahoo, and Now AOL. What Do You Need to Change to Be DMARC Compliant?

April 23, 2014
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Warren Duff
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First Yahoo, and Now AOL. What Do You Need to Change to Be DMARC Compliant?

What-is-DMARC?As you probably heard last week, Yahoo updated their DMARC policy so that mail from accounts will be rejected if it isn’t sent from a Yahoo server. Now, AOL announced they are implementing the same DMARC change.

AOL has changed their policy to p=reject in an effort to protect users from unauthorized use and to protect recipients from spoofing attempts. So, how can this affect you?

What This Means for Senders

Much like we detailed in our blog post An Update on Yahoo’s DMARC Policy, if you’re sending email with in the From address field, messages will be rejected by receivers who support DMARC.

SendGrid has updated our system so that AOL bounce messages are treated as blocks. This will ensure that future delivery to AOL recipients that fail the DMARC policy is not suppressed. You should avoid using in your from address as this email will be rejected unless you are sending directly from you AOL account.

To make sure you’re compliant with this DMARC change, and to get your email delivered, we suggest you switch to sending mail from a domain you control.

What Does the Future Hold?

While AOL and Yahoo are the first two webmail providers to make this policy change, we believe it’s just a matter of time before Gmail, Hotmail, and other providers follow suit.

This means that if you haven’t made the switch to sending mail from your own domain, you should do it as soon as possible.

You can also improve your delivery and make sure your email passes DMARC validation by using sender authentication on your account. SendGrid offers sender authentication to Silver accounts and higher. Learn about sender authentication and why it’s so important in our Sender Authentication Wizard tutorial.

If you don’t have a Silver account yet, upgrade today!

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